Barbara B (1 Aug 2011)
"Lynn (30 July 2011) "Are Any Doves Feeling This Way?""

Hi Lynn,

Yes I can relate and appreciate what you are feeling.  I am coming across people who tell me that they are tired to hear me talking about doom and gloom, as it is as they see it.  We see it as a rejoicing event but to them who are lost it is so scary to think about that they rather ignore it or just plain don't believe it.  All I can say is that my eyes are always puffy red and my heart is aching beyond belief.  We were told that this would happen, people would mock us and not believe.  Unfortunately once they realize that what we are saying is true it just might be too late for them.

My heart is aching so much also for all of the cruelty going on in the world.  People are just plain mean to each other and some are so evil that they delight in the suffering of others it is gut wrenching to see.  I will keep you in my prayers and will ask you to keep strong while waiting.  I too am amazed that we understand what the blood of Our Lord Jesus has done for us who didn't deserve it but that is the beauty of His work and sacrifice.  The Holy Spirit dwelling in us is truly the biggest mystery for me but as long as He is with me I fear not nor am I anxious for myself.  However, I do fear for those close to me who reject the message of His love.

Dear sister in the Lord your tears are not in vain and you are not alone.  I too feel the longing of our redeeming grace and can't wait to be in His presence, I love Him with all of my heart.

Soon dear sister, soon.
Love you,
Barbara B