Barbara B (1 Aug 2011)
"Gerlinda (30 July 2011) "Six more Volcanic Plumes for Souther Ca/Nevada""

Hi, I have moved to Las Vegas this past week and I was wondering what would be the difference in seeing clouds and plumes from this "volcano"?  It has been very cloudy and thundering so right now I wouldn't see anything but on a clear day perhaps there will be signs.  I will be reporting if I see anything.

To all the Doves who for the past few years have been praying for me I tell you that they have worked.  I am now cancer free, no longer homeless for the time being anyways and with my youngest daughter who needs prayers due to her life style.  I am asking for more prayers for her that the Lord would change her heart and guide her to Him in this disturbing times.

I want to thank John again for this site and all who post as it is an encouragement like no other.  I am still watching and like many of you see the signs everywhere and everyday.  I hope to see you all soon as we meet Our Savior in Person.  May the Holy Spirit keep you focused on Our Lord Jesus and may we all be found worthy of His calling.

I love you all with all of my heart and wish you all the best while waiting for our calling.

In His Love,
Barbara B.