Anna (17 Aug 2011)
"A Few Thoughts about Nirbiru"

Today I was thinking about Nirbiru and realized that the last time it came by us, God took his people our of Eqypt.  This
time maybe He will take His people home to heaven!

Nando  said that Nirbiru will come a year after Elenin.  I read somewhere that Nirbiru was a month behind Elenin. Can
anyone else help to clarify that, it's quite a difference.  I also read that Saturn had had a pole shift.  If that's true,  it
seems more likely that that will happen to earth.  If the rapture happens then,  they might not even notice we're gone.

Thank you so much to John for this site!  I so look forward to reading it every day and praying for the prayer requests.
God Bless you all!  See you here or there or in the air!  Anna from South Dakota