Andrea (10 Aug 2011)
"An Encouraging Message"

Last night about 9:45 pm  I was gathering up a few things to carry to my 14 year old son who was spending the night at his Grandmothers.  My husband was on the other side of the house from me and I thought I heard him call out to me.  It sounded like a very deep, strong voice but at first I did not hear what he said.  I walked across our home to where he was and asked him to repeat what he said.  He assured me that he said nothing, but wanted to know what I thought I heard.  I walked away because it was then that what I heard became clear to me and I wasn't sure he would believe me.  My husband followed me to our room and said he wanted to know what I heard.  I told him he might not believe me but that what I heard was a Big, Deep voice that said It's time to go home.  My husband said he wasn't ready for me to die, I said, what if we all go.  He smiled and said that would be great.  We continued to talk of the Rapture and later when we went to bed there were strong storms here in  North Carolina.
     I just know it was an angel of the Lord, I am not one to share these kind of things or one to get words from the Lord.  Please take this as an encouragement to all who read it.