Amanda (25 Aug 2011)

Hello Virginia and all,

Wow,  I have to post this because I'm SOOO EXCITED from reading her post.  I will tell you what happenned to me about a week ago.  I was sitting at my desk while reading Five Doves thinking I'm growing so weary and when will the rapture be.  So I thought to myself if I saw from the Lord when it would be would I believe one and how nice it would be if He could just spell it out.  To actually see with my eyes a vision and then I would not have to keep second guessing!  So really quickly in my mind I saw "SEPTEMBER" in GLITTER.  All I saw was that word really big and in gold glitter.  I then thought could it have been that easy.    Now reading hers and seeing that she posted that it was in "gliiter", well I'm jumping out of my seat right now!!!!!   

Let's all be ready to go.   I love you all, can't wait to meet each and every one of you that is so in love with the Lord and hearing that trumpet call!