Amanda (25 Aug 2011)
"About the earthquake-The Lord tried awaking 3 nights ago about it!"


I don't know if months ago when the Lord told me "Washington" if that is for now and the earthquake happenninig but 3 nights ago I awoke to hearing something huge loud sounding noise like someone was breaking in or a shaking boom noise.  It was so odd I remember thinking what the heck was that...ha!  Now seeing this earthquake only days later has my eyes opened.  I feel the Lord has been showing me things but I've been too consumed with things here!  I will try to be more faithful and post as things happen.  Although its seeming so close I may not have time to!!  I stand amazed as these things are happenning and Israel is under such terrible attacks.   I pray all of you that felt the shaking are okay.   I'm up here in Ohio but near the Great Lakes (Lake Erie) so I do wonder if the prophecy of the Great Lakes happens before the rapture what will happen.

Trusting in His great name,