Amanda (1 Aug 2011)
"For: Lynn"

Hello Lynn,

I completely understand your extreme, intense longing to meet Him already and
have the rapture happen.  I know He knows we are all growing EXTREMELY
impatient.  I know for myself I have to keep saying please forgive me for my
impatient thinking!!  And yes I have cryed out to Him to especially lately.
It's a gut whrenching feel isn't it?!  I have been feeling this past week very
irritable/anxious and sad.  

Thankfully every moment we are here is in His perfect plan and He will continue
to guide us until that trumpet call.  Hold tight and trust Him.  I have been
feeling I would say for the past few months like I'm really saying goodbye to
this life around here.  

Have a great week...kinda sad this summer is flying by so fast...just
waiting..tick tock...feeling we are in the last minute.