Steve Mullin (24 Apr 2022)
"Rare planetary alignment and the rapture"

4 planets and the moon are about to line up in the sky on 4/23, which would be yesterday as you are reading this. However, the alignment continues and Mercury will be added to Saturn, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter in early June.

I feel like the Lord has revealed a bunch of things to me through music lyrics and have always wondered about what the following song meant:

Magic by Olivia Newton-John has phrases such as "you should know me, I've always been in your mind. You know I will be kind, I'll be guiding you." and "Through every turn, I'll be near you, come anytime you call, catch you when you fall, and I'm guiding you."

the main chorus is "Have to believe we are MAGIC, nothing can stand in our way" which brought to mind the 3 wise man or MAGI who knew the birth of the Messiah was taking place according to astronomical signs. 

The main verse I'm mentioning in the song is "From where I stand, you are home free, planets aligned so rare, there's promise in the air, and I'm guiding you"

When I first heard that years ago, I've always kept an eye on rare events thinking the rapture could be associated with it. One sight called the 5 planets aligned a once-in-a-lifetime event, but the article I linked to mentioned 2005 and 2016, so I'm not positive exactly how rare. It could be significant though because 2nd Passover happens on a blood moon May 15th and other events seem to be converging. Here's a link to the song:

Steve M