Neil Lipken (24 Apr 2022)

Could this conflict escalate and morph into the "sudden destruction" / Rapture event?   We don't know.   Maybe.   One thing is for certain.   Israel will be 74 years old on May 14th, and from the "parable of the fig tree" in both the New and Old Testaments, the "generation" to see Israel's return from 1948 will see all end time events fulfilled!   And dat is us!   So be alert and ready!   The call to come Uppity-Uppity could come at any time!   Matthew 24:44 King James states, "Therefore be ye also ready:  for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh."   This is referring to the Rapture.


P.S.   There are many ways scripturally to prove that the Rapture is BEFORE the 7 year Tribulation Period.   Too much to go into here.

P.P.S.   And to my Jewish friends, do you get it yet Who our Messiah is?   Micah 5:2, Psalm 22:14-18, Isaiah 53!   An absolute no-brainer IF one does not have "hardness of heart" (and sadly most do)!