Leo Tavares  (24 Apr 2022)


Grace, Peace and Blessings to the body of 1480

The following is a recent addition to my "Womb Of Mathematics" article. I actually discovered it and made this graphic over a year ago. I only hesitated to share it because of the theoretical nature of identifying element #118 as the final element in the periodic table. Forgive me for not sharing it sooner :) 

See here : https://sites.google.com/site/mathematicalmonotheism/the-womb-of-mathematics?authuser=0#h.yn905kfp9oa4

There are 118 chemical elements that make up the periodic table of elements. Theoretically, there may be more elements higher than 118 that are yet to be discovered. However, not only is this very unlikely, there are also hints that element #118 may represent the final element: 

- We know there is a definite limit to the number of potential elements (since atoms can only contain a finite amount of mass) 

- Even if elements beyond #118 could exist, scientists acknowledge that we are unlikely to even detect them during our lifetime (as we move higher in the sequence of elements, they become much more difficult to detect) 

- The 118th element (Oganesson) actually completes the seventh row of the periodic table (very curious, to say the least) 

- The Ordinal Greek value of "CHRIST" = 118 (thus uniting the numerical signature of the divine encoder with the table of elements) 

- The atomic weight of the 118th element (i.e. Protons + Neutrons) = 294 = Ordinal Greek "LORD JESUS CHRIST"

With all this in mind, I would now like to share a powerful atomic code I have uncovered. We know that there are three fundamental components of the atom. Namely, the Proton, the Neutron and the Electron. Therefore, I present to you: "The Atomic Creation Code (37073)" 


 There are 118 atomic elements 

 Ordinal Greek "CHRIST" = 118 

The atomic weight of the 118th element = 294 

Ordinal Greek "LORD JESUS CHRIST" = 294

There are THREE fundamental components of the atom: 

   1) Protons
   2) Neutrons 
   3) Electrons 

THREE joined Triangles of T118 = 21061 counters 

 21061 + 16012 = 37073 

Genesis 1:1 = 2701 = 37 73
 2701 + 1072 = 3773 


 Battalion Of Christ, 

Leo Tavares (aka Megiddo)