Jean Stepnoski (24 Apr 2022)
"Iyar 14: The Second Passover and Iyar 17: Bread of Life Day"

   The article “The 7000 Year Plan of Elohim” at breaks down the 6000 years since The Creation into “Ages” and we are near THE BEGINNING of one of them on 5-18-2022. On their timeline, the following “Ages” will BEGIN at Jerusalem, Israel on that day at sundown: Jubilee Cycle 121, The Age of Life, The Millennium  Kingdom of the Messiah, and The Marriage of the Lamb. So “The Hour of Trial” would go several years past The Wedding of the Messiah and several years into The Millennium  Reign. Some of the “Ages” begin on Iyar 17. They posit The Second Coming as of 2029. By implication, The Sheep and Goats Judgment would be after The Second Coming, as of 2029 or 2030.


   The Second Passover at Iyar 14 will be 5-15 to 16 according to The Torah Calendar. This date concludes the Passover Season, it is not over with The First Passover. Nor is the Passover Season complete and concluded after First Passover plus the Days of Unleavened Bread. Before we can consider the importance of the anniversaries of Ascension Day and Shavout (Pentecost), we should first look to Iyar 14 and 17. Iyar 14 is the end date for the eating of unleavened bread during the Passover Season. THE LAST DAY. IT is also THE THIRD DAY, 3 days before Iyar 17. The Second Passover denotes the ending, THE COMPLETION, of the annual barley harvest for Israel. The Messiah represents the HEAD of the barley harvest, The First Fruits. WHO are His Bride and Body? These adults are THE CULMINATION, the symbolic remainder and completion of the barley harvest. The Second Passover is mysterious and obscure. It has little, or no meaning, for the many. The next crop or species of Israel of the 7 crops is the wheat. It is associated with later in the year with the Second Pilgrimage Festival called Shavuot (Pentecost).  Wheat symbolically represents the believers coming to faith during the tribulum, “The Hour of Trial.” The great harvest of this period will be numerous friends to the groom and bride of Messiah. Part of the bride class? No. This martyred class of believers, eternal family in Messiah, will not be part of the bride class previously resurrected. These are 2 distinct groups of believers. The earlier harvest of adult believers from the quick and the dead await the marriage with the Messiah, the gifting of crowns and residences in The New Jerusalem. That will be Phase 2 of The First Resurrection. Paul dearly wants individual believers to partake in this event called The Blessed Hope. “See that no one takes away your crown.” Some one of the bride of Messiah is not eagerly awaiting the Watcher’s Crown (Wedding Present) because of awaiting “The joy of His appearing” of the Beast, False Prophet, and beheadings at their behest. This year, like any year, most are clueless about the Scriptural meanings of The Second Passover. It will be A NOTHING DAY for them.


  Let us look to the importance of Iyar 17, 3 days after The Second Passover. This will also be a THIRD DAY and a LAST DAY. As another kind of unleavened bread, it will be an anniversary of a LAST DAY. How? Remember the manna? Look to Scriptural History for Iyar 17. It was, in the times of Moses and Aaron, THE LAST DAY when the manna, the bread from Heaven , was provided during the 40 years of wilderness wanderings for the House of Israel. The Messiah compared himself to the manna from Heaven, but far greater! HE IS THE BREAD FROM HEAVEN, GIVING ETERNAL LIFE. Those who eat this bread, shall never die. Iyar 17 will be Month 2 and Day 17 on the Spiritual Year Calendar for Israel for the counting of months. In The Scriptures, 2 represents Division and 17 represents Victory. Also, remember Month 2 and Day 17 from Genesis, during the Days of Noah? Even if it was Cheshvan rather than Iyar, we still see Month 2 and Day 17: The day when rain began and divine judgment was set into motion. The Messiah promises to come “at a time you think not.” Like The Second Passover, is Iyar 17 important to most people? NO. It will be A NOTHING DAY TO THEM, NOTHING AT ALL!

Neither Iyar 14 or 17 will be an Appointed Time or a Shabbat this year. The Blessed Hope may occur on an ordinary day, with a vitally important Scriptural History of which the many will be completely unaware. Tragically clueless and uninformed about Iyar 14 or 17.  Not preparing or prepared, not praying, not watching for the Groom of grooms.


   What else is noteworthy about Iyar 17? It will be Omer Count Day 32, which number signifies Fellowship in The Scriptures. It will be 17 days past The Rosh Chodesh, again the number relates to Victory. It will be 31 days past Nisan 17 (Messiah’s Resurrection Anniversary on Feast of Elohim First Fruits of Barley, Yom ha Bikkarim). The number 31 represents Family of 1 god in The Scriptures. It will be 62 days past Purim Lots for Israel on 3-17-2022. According to The Scriptures, the number 62 represents Jerusalem Royal City.


   Might The Season of The Blessed Hope be between The Second Passover on Iyar 14 and Bread of Life Day on Iyar 17 in 2022? Please study the article “The 7000 Year Plan of Elohim” in the Resources section at “WATCH AND PRAY ALWAYS that you may ESCAPE ALL that is going to happen and HAVE THE STRENGTH (BE FOUND WORTHY) to STAND before The Son of Man.” Paul cautions us well. “See that no one takes away your crown.” Come quickly, Beloved Groom Messiah, The Captain of Our Souls!


With Love and Shalom,


  The article I mentioned has a link on the torahcalendar home page, not in the Resources section. Sorry for any confusion.