Gino (24 Apr 2022)
"RE: John G: 04.17.22: sun"

Thank you for your response.
Yes, if it was different, wouldn't Jesus have told us.
He told us that he created everything in 6 days.
He made the heaven, the earth, the waters, and light, on the first day
He made the firmament, the expanse of space, which thus divided the waters, on the 2nd day.
He gathered the waters that were on the earth into seas, the dry land appeared, while grass & trees were brought forth, on the 3rd day.
So, by day 3, the earth was there, the dry land had grass and trees, there were seas also, and an open firmament/expanse of space.
However, nothing was in the firmament/expanse of space yet.
Do people think that on the first day, when Jesus made the earth, that it was spinning on its axis, in the waters, with no space, sun, moon, or stars yet?
Do they then think that on the second day, after he made the expanse of the firmament of space,
that Jesus then started the already spinning earth to move in a very large circle, 186 million miles in diameter,
in that open firmament, while nothing else was there?
Do they think that on the 3rd day, on an already spinning earth, that was also moving in a large circle, he then gathered the waters into seas?
On the 4th day, Jesus made the sun, moon and stars, and set them in the firmament of the expanse of space.
So, either he made the sun to orbit the earth at a specific radius of 93 million miles from the earth,
or he placed a stationary sun directly in the middle of the circle that an already moving earth was circumventing,
while at the same time it was already spinning on its axis once per day.
For the earth to have already been moving in an 186 million mile diameter circular pattern,
there would have needed to be a strong gravitational force, keeping a moving earth to travel in a circle, instead of in a straight line.
It would have required a gravitational pull like that of the sun, but the sun wasn't there yet for two more days.
However, they at least concede that the moon actually does move.

A child looks up to see a bird flying over head, and they are told, yes, the bird is moving.
Then they see a plane moving through the sky, and they are told, yes, the plane is moving,
Then they see the moon moving above, and they are told, yes, the moon does move, but not like it appears,
that the moon doesn't go around the earth once per day, but only once every 28 days.
Then they see the sun moving above, but they are told, no, the sun does not move at all, only the earth does.
How many of us were told that, when we were children, and we believed what our teachers told us?
Then, later, when we finally read Genesis chapter 1, did we have to do some sort of spiritual gymnastics in our minds,
so that we wouldn't have to come right out and call Jesus a liar, since his word didn't agree with what we already believed?
Does anyone think that Jesus actually expects us to believe "scientists" over his written word?
In the new heavens and the new earth, will anyone even remember what those "scientists" said?
Have Galileo, Kepler, Darwin, and others, managed to disprove Jesus?
Or have they, rather, managed to dupe us?
How, at the judgment seat of Christ, could I possibly try to convince Jesus, that it was better for me to have believed my second grade teacher,
rather than what Jesus said in his word, in Genesis 1?
What spiritual benefit is there, or future rewards, for believing that instead of believing exactly what Jesus' word says?
If teachers & scientists are able to so easily talk us out of believing parts of the Bible, what will it be like for people in the tribulation,
when the miracle working antichrist & false prophet are trying to talk people out of believing the Bible, but rather to believe them instead?