Garry B (24 Apr 2022)


In His Olivet  Discourse Jesus describes the Gog-Magog War against the Nation of Israel when it occurs immediately BEFORE THE RESURRECTION / RAPTURE of His Body of Christ Church as recorded by the Apostle Luke in the Pure Word Bible :

Luke 21:20-28 ( Pure Word Bible )

"And when you discern Jerusalem being surrounded BY ENCAMPING ARMIES then you should know that THE DESOLATION  of it is now approaching near. Then those in Judea , you must be fleeing into the mountains , and those in the midst of it, you must depart out , and those in the land, you must not enter into it. FOR THESE ARE THE DAYS OF ( my ) VENGEANCE , for these things are having been made FULFILLED WHICH ARE NOW WRITTEN ( in Ezekiel 38:15-16 ). But woe to them therein having womb with child , and to them that are nursing IN THOSE DAYS for there shall be GREAT NECESSITY  ( Great Tribulation ) in the land ( of Israel ), and evil WRATH AGAINST THIS PEOPLE ( of Israel ). And Jerusalem shall be made treaded down by the nations ( the Gog-Magog nations ) until  the SPECIAL TIMES of the Gentiles HAVE BEEN MADE FULFILLED. And there shall be miracle signs in the sun, moon , and stars, and upon  the earth anguish of nations with perplexity of sea and high wave sounding. Men are losing breathing from fear,  and from expectation of them coming upon the inhabited earth BECAUSE THE POWERS OF THE HEAVENLIES SHALL BE MADE SHAKEN.  AND THEN, they shall look upon the SPIRITUAL APPEARANCE of the SON OF MAN coming upon a cloud with Miracle Power, and with very much Glory. And WHEN THESE THINGS BEGIN ( the desolation of Jerusalem by the Gog-Magog armies ) to come to pass , you must straighten up and you must lift up your heads , since YOUR SEPARATION REMOVAL ( your resurrection & rapture ) IS APPROACHING NEAR." 

Romans 2:9  ( Pure Word Bible )

"Affliction and distress ( tribulation ) upon every soul of man  that produces evil work, both THE JEWS FIRST of all, and then also THE GENTILES."


The Gog-Magog War of tribulation judgment against THE JEWS in Israel is coming FIRST ,  followed by our resurrection  & rapture  of the Body of Christ Church NEXT, followed by the Great Tribulation judgment upon the whole world  of THE GENTILES

The 'SIGN'  which we are told to "LIFT UP YOUR HEADS" to see that our "SEPARATION REMOVAL"  , Ie. resurrection & rapture ,"IS APPROACHING NEAR" is the Gog-Magog War against Israel. 

According to Your Holy Word, come Lord Jesus !