Garry B (24 Apr 2022)

IS MATTHEW 24:29-31 referring to ....THE RAPTURE OR THE SECOND COMING ?......

We must first establish the fact that THE RAPTURE is a pre-tribulation of the WHOLE WORLD event, and THE SECOND COMING is a post-tribulation of the WHOLE WORLD event. 

Matthew 24:29

" Immediately AFTER the tribulation OF THOSE DAYS........"   

At first glance the casual reader would assume that this Scripture is speaking of the SECOND COMING  because it states, "AFTER the tribulation" , but  it also states "OF THOSE DAYS" which indicates A SEPARATE TRIBULATION from a tribulation OF OTHER DAYS.  If there is ONLY ONE tribulation the Scripture would simply state, "Immediately after the tribulation"  without the qualifying phrase "OF THOSE DAYS" being included. 

Are there TWO separate tribulations or TWO STAGES to one tribulation ?  THAT IS THE CASE according to the following Scripture :

Romans 2:9

"TRIBULATION  upon every soul of man  who does evil, TO THE JEWS FIRST, and then also TO THE GENTILES ."

This Scripture tells us that  the TRIBULATION has TWO STAGES , and  the Jews ALONE suffer the FIRST STAGE of the  tribulation  BEFORE the Gentiles suffer the SECOND STAGE of the tribulation  which is then upon the WHOLE WORLD .  Now look at : 

Matthew 24:31

"......and they shall GATHER TOGETHER HIS ELECT ..."

The phrase "HIS ELECT" is speaking  of HIS BODY OF CHRIST CHURCH that is being "GATHERED TOGETHER"  , ie. resurrected & raptured "Immediately AFTER the  tribulation OF THOSE DAYS ".


"Immediately after" the first stage of "the tribulation of those days" which are exclusively upon the Jews in Israel, Jesus will then appear to resurrect & rapture "HIS ELECT" Body of Christ Church.  After the resurrection & rapture of "HIS ELECT" Church the second stage of the tribulation will come upon the WHOLE WORLD . Therefore Matthew 24:29-31 is describing  the resurrection & rapture , and  NOT the Second Coming of the Lord.


The FIRST-STAGE of the tribulation "OF THOSE DAYS" which are exclusively upon THE JEWS FIRST in Israel  BEFORE our resurrection & rapture & redemption,  is the Gog-Magog War.  It is THE SIGN we are told to "look up and lift up our heads" and watch for in :

Luke 21:28

"And WHEN these things ( the Gog-Magog War )  BEGIN to come to pass, THEN LOOK UP AND LIFT UP YOUR HEADS  because your REDEMPTION ( resurrection & rapture ) draws near."

According to Your Holy Word, come Lord Jesus !