Elliot Hong (24 Apr 2022)
"The Star of Bethlehem and 2 Scenarios"

Dear Doves:

No doubt a conjunction of Venus and Jupiter on 4/30-5/1 is a huge heavenly sign.
The Lord told Barbara Francis that 12/21/21 was a marker in His Time.
12/21/21 was Winter Solstice and 1 year from Christmas Star.
5/1/22 is 122 days from 12/21/21.
100 means Elect and 22 represents Double Judgment.
I see 2 scenarios.

1) In the previous letters, I suggested that 4/24 is the correct Resurrection Sunday and Shavout is 6/12-13.
     If the Remnant is birthed on 4/24 and dedicated on the 8th day from the birth, it comes to 5/1.
     5/1 is the new moon of Iyar and the prophecy of new moon in Colossians 2:16-17 could be fulfilled on 5/1.
     And if the Remnant will witness for 40 days from 5/4 which fits to $2.34, it comes to Shavout.
     It's possible that 3 days of darkness will cover the earth at the end of Shavout.

2) The midnight cry could be heard on 4/28 which happens to be Islam's Lailatul Qadr (The Night of Power).
     And the Remnant could be birthed on 5/1, the new moon of Iyar.
     If the Remnant is dedicated on the 8th day from the birth, it will be 5/8, Mother's Day 2022. 
     If the Remnant will witness for 40 days from 5/8, it comes to 6/16 which is Shavout + 3 days of darkness.
     2 years ago on Mother's Day 2020, Genevieve Brazel had a vision that Gabriel told her "Forty Days!"
     Mother's Day is connected to the birth of a pregnant woman in 1 Thessalonians 5 and Rev.12.
     Thus it makes sense that the Remnant is dedicated on Mother's Day.
     Genevieve also received "The Midnight Cry" and "On The Third Day You Will Rise" in May, 2021.

Amazingly, after this message was posted on 4/22, DOW plunged 981(18=666) points on the same day.
It's coming!

Hopefully one of 2 scenarios becomes a reality this time.