Derrick Drew (24 Apr 2022)
"A strange dream - judgement against the false church"


A strange dream - judgement against the false church?

I donít usually write down my dreams and I donít know that I have ever posted on but I had a dream on the night of April 16 or morning of April 17 2022 that I thought I should write down and post.

In my dream I was at a denominational church - the denomination is not important, it was a literal church that I have been to and recognized but I donít really think that was the point of the dream so I will not say what church or what denomination because I do not think the interpretation of the dream is exclusively to this one place where the people would probably never behave the way they did in my dream - rather I think it may have just represented traditional dead, dry religion - cold and Christian in name only.

So I was in this church for several weeks and this was the activity that happened in my dream.  The pastor would call the congregation to pray, and then at the same time a food basket was passed around.  The righteous had heads bowed, hands folded in prayer, but during prayer the pastor called out to take portions of food from the basket and those who really had no regard for God would look up as the basket passed by and open folded praying hands to receive as much food as they could.

By the time the prayer time was over the food basket was empty and so were the hands of the righteous because they had not looked up nor opened their hands to take from the basket because they were more focused on prayer than taking the food.  Week after week I observed this and it was wickedness, the righteous going hungry while those with no real regard for God took as much food as their greedy hands could hold.

After several weeks of this, I finally could not take any more - in my dream I interrupted the service during this time of prayer for only the righteous and distribution of food to the wicked by shouting judgements against the pastor and the wicked of the congregation and then I stormed out telling them that God would destroy this church, maybe even this very day.

It was an interesting and very vivid dream and I thought I should share it.  Of course we know that Godís true church is not appointed to wrath, but scripture also says that judgement begins at the house of the Lord, and we know that just as there is a true church, there are also tares growing among the wheat and there is a false church that will be judged.  It made me think of the church of Thyatira or Laodicea in Revelation. 

At least thatís what I took away from it - if anyone has any other commentary I would be curious to hear other thoughts.

Your brother in Yeshua, 

Derrick Drew