Chance (24 Apr 2022)
"Smart Citizen Wallet"

Hello John and Doves,
Italy is working on a "program for a social credit system, which will reward citizens for what they call "virtuous" behavior."  This is all part of their "digital agenda".  It's being tested in Rome now.
New Social Credit System In Italy Could Lead To ‘Serious Violations Of Rights,’ Spark Dangerous Trend | Harbingers Daily
For now, it's all about "promoting climate-friendly behavior" and will reward citizens for things such as recycling, taking public transportation, avoiding tickets, and managing energy usage.  A person's score will then provide them with benefits such as discounts, cultural activities, and more."
The article states that this could be "easily expanded and abused by governing authorities."
This sounds similar to China's social credit system.  
The globalists are pushing for a cashless economy - "In the book of Revelation, the Bible warns readers that a global government will form on earth in the future and that its leader will restrict the rights of citizens to buy and sell based on their submission to him and his government.  This leader, the "antichrist," will demand that "all kindreds, and tongues and nations" will worship him and accept his "mark" during the seven-year tribulation."