Chance (24 Apr 2022)
""Radioactive Hot Potato Dispute Over Christian Church in Jerusalem""

Hello John and Doves,
Israel is in another pickle - this time with Russia and a Christian Section in Old Jerusalem.  Putin is using Russia's power to target Jerusalem. 
"In 2020, Putin presented the Russian Orthodox Church with a precious diamond:  the Alexander Courtyard in the Old City of Jerusalem."  But it didn't go as planned....
I was not aware of this situation in Israel.  This is not good.
Moscow has threatened other countries if they give military aid to Ukraine...but this might be different.
It seems that Moscow has information that Israel has already sent military equipment and other military aid to Ukraine...and IF they discover this information is indeed true, they will retaliate against Israel.
Russia "summoned" the Israeli Ambassador to explain Israel's position on Ukraine/Russia war and give him a reprimand.  Russia is accusing Israel of trying to "divert the attention of the international community from one of the oldest unresolved conflicts - the Palestinian-Israeli one."
I could see Russia getting attention off of them and putting it back on Israel by aggravating the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.  Back in February, Russia accused Israel of 'occupying' the Golan. Not good.
Russia's Revenge? Moscow Says Golan Doesn't Belong to Israel
The Alexander Courtyard:
Now Putin is demanding that "Israel grant his country control of the Alexander Courtyard (Alexander Nevsky Church and the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity that is in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City) in Jerusalem as the previous government had promised..." 
Putin demands Russia gain control of Jerusalem church as promised - The Jerusalem Post
In 1859, the Tsarist Russian Empire "acquired some land plots outside the walls of the Old City in Jerusalem.  One of the lots is located near the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the place where Alexander's Courtyard was founded....In 1948, the UN decided to give all Russian assets in Jerusalem back to their former owners...and the Orthodox clerical establishment fled abroad where it established the Russian Church in Exile."
  "...Alexander's Courtyard was located in the territory controlled by the present-day Jordan rather than Israel.  The Hashemite monarchy granted all rights to Russian assets to the Russian Church in Exile.  In June 2015, Russian ex-Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev ordered a procedure to legalize Russia's rights to Alexander's Courtyard and the Church of Alexander Nevsky in Jerusalem.  However, in March 2022, an Israeli court rejected the Russian Federations' claims to lay its hands on the heritage belonging to someone else.  As a result, April 18, President Putin sent a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennet, demanding transferring Alexander's Courtyard to Russia." 
Russia is blackmailing Bennet’s government to get Alexander's Courtyard - Robert Lansing Institute
But there is more to this story - under former PM Netanyahu, Putin offered an exchange - (since Medvedev wasn't able to get the courtyard transferred to Russia) - an Israeli woman being held in a Russian jail (for hashish charges) for Alexander's Courtyard.  Netanyahu agreed and promised the Alexander Courtyard as part of a plea deal for the Israeli woman.  The Israel Land Registry commissioner "listed the Russian government as the owner of the church."  A Jerusalem District Court Judge canceled this deal in March.  "The Israeli government argued that the Russian Federation is the successor of the Russian Imperial Government, which was registered as the owner during Ottoman rule."
So now - PM Bennett has to deal with this because of the Jerusalem District Court decision.  Putin sent Bennet a letter demanding the transfer of Alexander's Courtyard to Russia. This is being called a "radioactive hot-potato" dispute over a Christian church in Jerusalem
If Bennett decides in favor of Russia it would mean "the government's ignorance of the decision of the Israeli court that has found no legal grounds for transferring the lot to the Russians, as well as a sign of the Bennett government's weakness.  Such a scenario would undermine the West's confidence in the Israeli government, as well as Israel's potential for international mediation.  Russia has no interest in cooperation with Israel, since it mostly relies on Syria and Iran, as well as Palestinian proxies in the region.  Thus, Alexander's Courtyard transfer to Russia will be used by Moscow to strengthen its position in the region among anti-Israel countries." 
Russia is blackmailing Bennet’s government to get Alexander's Courtyard - Robert Lansing Institute
"Russia controls, uses, and assists Palestinian extremist groups to put pressure on Israel and increase influence in the region.  Russian impact in Palestine is strong due to President Mahmoud Abbas' long-term cooperation with Soviet intelligence, whose foreign assets were given to Russia after the Soviet Union fall."
"Transferring the ownership of the church land could cause diplomatic trouble for Israel at a time when it's Western allies have been sanctioning Russia over its invasion of Ukraine." 
Putin demands Russia gain control of Jerusalem church as promised - The Jerusalem Post
This is just very bad timing for Israel.  Putin could limit Israeli operations against Iranians in Syria.  This could embolden Iran and other enemies of Israel.
And here we have the Christian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem at the center of a "radioactive hot potato" for Israel.  "Now Israel finds itself wedged even further between a rock and a hard place, with the transfer of church property to Putin, now accused of quite unholy war crimes and genocide, guaranteed to draw fierce international condemnation."  And Russia is accusing Israel of illegally occupying and annexing Palestinian territories and preventing freedom of worship at the Al-Aqsa Mosque."
We'll see if Bennett is going to sit on this decision for as long as possible...and hope the Ukraine situation will die down.  Or.....
As prophesied, everything will center on Israel.  Everything goes back to Israel.  Jerusalem will be a cup of trembling and a burdensome stone for the whole world.  And now we have a Christian Church involved in the middle of a very difficult and delicate situation for Israel.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!
PS  I found out that during Russia excavations of the this area the Threshold of the Judgment Gate was discovered.   Archaeological digs that started in 1883 revealed the "Holy Threshold of the Judgment Gate".  This is one of the most sacred shrines of Christianity.  It was said that Jesus passed through this gate on the way to His Crucifixion.  This is now in the Holy Sepulchre Church.