Chance (24 Apr 2022)
"Yuval Noah Harari -Will He Be The False Prophet? Part 2!"

Hello John and Doves,
In early April I sent in two letters to Doves about Yuval Noah Harari.  The man who Obama, Schwab, Gates and other globalists call 'The Prophet'.  He is considered the architect of the World Economic Forum and advisor to Klaus Schwab. 
I put him forward as a candidate for the coming "False Prophet" - sidekick of the Antichrist.
I have no doubt that both of these men are alive today.  And I would bet that they know each other.  As to whether or not they know their future role in the The Tribulation - I can only guess.  Do they have a sense of what is coming?  I do believe they will be primed and spiritually and mentally ready for their roles when the time comes.  These two men have been picked specifically for their future roles.
As one would expect, Harari has his own website:  "History began when humans invented gods, and will end when humans become gods."  And Harari is all for depopulation.  To keep 7 plus billion people 'satisfied' at this unsustainable population number, he says they are 'providing drugs and video games' to control the masses. 
Official Website - Yuval Noah Harari
That's exactly what I would expect satan to tell people to get them to come over to 'his' side.  He'll sugar coat things to make them sound wonderful, like he did Eve - you'll be gods..("...and you will be like God..." Genesis 3:5)...and we know how that turned out.
At another of his websites he wrote:  "There are many challenges facing the world today.  We highlight three:  technological disruption, ecological collapse and global war."
Sapienship - A world responsive to the most important collective challenges
run time 54:28
From the above interview with Harari and Andrew Yang - below are some notes:
(start notes)
Harari looks at the world in terms of 'global' implications and the coming new economy.  He says we don't know what the job market will look like in 20 years.  And we don't know what to teach kids in schools to prepare them for the future.  Machines compete with man in creativity, emotional intelligence, etc.  Don't know which jobs are safe from machines.  For example, doctors are easier to replace than a nurse.  This is data processing that is easily replaceable.  Nurses provide physical and mental support to patients. 
The AI revolution will get bigger and bigger.  We don't know how to prepare people for 'work in the future'.  And we only need jobs that are justifiable.  The world can go to Universal Basic Income.  Third world countries won't benefit from AI advancements.  Like Egypt, Guatemala, etc.  The U.S. could deal with AI but could mismanage this plan and fall into civil war. 
History and religion show how humans can give meaning to anything.  We can see all religions were inventing themselves...there are no truths...religions keep changing.
Jews and Christians invented The Book.  Previously the word of God came to humans through humans - through shamans, priests, prophets...then came technology to replace humans who are fallible...get humans out of the way...and put trust in The Book - written by humans - and ignore the fact that humans wrote The Book.  These kinds of games have been going on through out history.
Get humans out of the loop in the economy.  Humans are not needed.  Corporations are run by algorithms which control robots to make products to sell to other corporations....
Harari talks about the Ukraine/Russia war:
Greatest contribution to sustainable future is from Putin - to show Europe relying on oil/gas.  Russia is a gas station with nukes.  People have to wean themselves away from petroleum.  He hopes out of this Ukraine/Russia war we get a Green Manhattan Project - in Europe - and this system could spread around the world.  There is a time frame for economical collapse.  The situation now is we need a technological breakthrough to buy us time...and then think how to rebuild society.  (With no oil and no gas.)  If Europe could pull away from Russian oil and gas..Russia would collapse.
Harari said, "This is the hope, that Europe now understands the danger and starts a green Manhattan project."
(I didn't know what the Green Manhattan Project was that Harari mentions...This is the acceleration of renewable energy - better energy sources, better energy dependence on oil and gas.  Like the U.S., through the Manhattan Project, researched, developed, tested and deployed a revolutionary technology 'from start to finish over a span of four years."  Quickly finding new technologies to replace oil and gas - sustainable energy - is the plan.)
We have the scientific knowledge and money and resources now to prevent catastrophic climate change.  We lack the political motivation...maybe Putin has provided this with a 'fire under Europe'.  Voters need to push the politicians to use the resources.  AI is threatening the job market, the foundation of democracy and human liberty.  The U.S. and Israel do not talk about this AI.
This war has united NATO and Europeans.
He's not happy that people aren't that interested in AI and climate change.   In the past, humans couldn't control major historical issues - like plagues (Spanish Flu) - humanity could do nothing about this.  We have the resources now so these are no longer uncontrollable forces of nature.  And we need the wisdom to do this.  The leaders may not make the right decisions even if they have the tools to do so.  
One needs to read between the lines - Harari does not like 'humans', he is all for AI taking over.  The leaders the various countries have now do not have the wisdom or motiviation to bring about this New World Order.  There needs to be leaders who can make all of this happen - a chosen few - that have the wisdom and motivation to use this knowledge, money and resources to bring about a New World Order.
Harari was put forward as the person who can influence these politicians...he said he could not be a politician but he is able to energize people.  But he is not the kind of person who can compromises, make deals, make alliances.  We don't have time to reinvent the political system, or reinvent the democratic system..and if the current system faces a big enough shock it can pull itself together.  
(end notes)
What big shock??  Why don't we have enough time?  There is a timeline the NWO people believe in - we are in a crunch get to a certain place before 'something' happens.  Will this be the Tribulation Time Period?  Are these people feeling a push to get things ready for the time allotted to satan?
There is much more at the following link from Harari :  they discuss pandemics, climate change, corporations vs governments, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, trans rights, etc.: 
A conversation with Yuval Noah Harari - Sponsored Content | The Times of Israel
My two top contenders for False Prophet position - I can see (at this time) are Pope Francis and Yuval Noah Harari.  Harari is Jewish - would the Jews accept him with the Antichrist setting up their headquarters in Jerusalem more so than a Catholic pope?  Both are anti-God, pro-climate change, pro-New World Order..and each has their special 'strengths' that make them a good candidate.
Harari says "We can hack and engineer life" is replacing evolution by intelligent design - not by God but by man - humans are hackable animals...freewill is over...humans will be merged with computers.'
(841) We Can Hack Humans | Dr. Yuval Noah Harari and Klaus Schwab - YouTube
We may only suspect who will be the False Prophet.  But I would think that as we get closer to the start of the Tribulation that we will start to see people standing out as satan sets the stage for the Antichrist, the False Prophet of the Last Days just like we are seeing 'birth pains' around the world - famines, pestilences, wars, etc.  People are being placed into positions of power and being 'groomed' for their new jobs...and people who believe like Harari will be looking for that 'perfect' person with the wisdom, resources, power to take control of the world....
Surely these people know the time is short...satan won't be starting from scratch..he has limited time given to him by God.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!