Bob Ware (24 Apr 2022)
"Clock frozen in time for 27 years displays the last minute of Passover > 7:13 PM in Israel on April 23rd of 2022"

Passover of 5782 begins at sunset on the 15th of April of 2022 (Crucifixion Day) and ends at sunset on the 23rd of April of 2022. Sunset in Jerusalem on the 23rd of April of 2022 will be 7:13 PM. 713 is the sum of the first 22 prime numbers (including Unity). 713 is also the prime number gematria of ‘JESUS CHRIST’.


In my prime list with the 2022 dates the 7th day of 2022 falls next to the 7th prime number '13' > this was January 7th > 1/07 > the rapture number.


27 years ago I moved into this little house. There was a battery operated clock on the kitchen wall. The batteries were dead and I never replaced them because I hate to listen to the constant ticking. I left the clock still hanging in the same place as just a decoration. The time on this dead analog clock has been displaying 7:13 for these last 27 years.


There are two words in uppercase letters on the face of the clock within the circle of the 12 numbers: 'INGRAHAM' (the maker) and 'QUARTZ' (the operating system). The sum of the uppercase ASCII codes for 'INGRAHAM QUARTZ' is 1070 or 10 x 107 > the rapture number. The lowercase ASCII codes for 'ingraham quartz' is 1518. 1070 + 1518 equals: 2588 which is the sum of the title case ASCII codes for 'Barack Hussein Obama' (1795) + the English gematria of 'BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA' (793). 793 is the 12th Star of David number and the 654th composite number: 12 + 654 = 666.