Daniel (5 Apr 2020)
"Coronavirus IV:  The very best protection"

Coronavirus IV:  The very best protection
Dear brethren of Five Doves
This is brother Daniel from Switzerland. My mother tongue
is Swiss German but my English is quite ok so I hope and
pray that You understand very well this short message.
The Lord told me to be obedient to all the advices of
the government authorities to protect Your Next and
to protect Yourself too.
But the Lord also spoke to me that it is easily possible to
make an additional protection.
First of all of course the spiritual protection = walk in
the light of the Lord, confessing psalm 91, the spiritual
reality of watching  and protecting angels, the protecting
power of the blood of Jesus.
But God also spoke to me about hot water steams and
the possible positive effect against the Corona Virus:
As a MD and GP working also for travel insurances I know
of some cases with the Rabies Virus, especially tourists
in Central and South America and Rabies still possible
there and they call and ask for help after a bite of a dog
or a fox.
And it is very well known today that the Rabies Virus
always has an affinity for the nervous system and once
the Rabies Virus enters the human body (after the bite
of an infected animal and still possible in Middle America
and South America) the virus automatically starts to
multiply the virus and to "walk" via the nervous system
to the center. And once the critical amount of the virus
is reached there is no more chance for healing and
there will be death for 100 %.
But the virus needs time and when You are faster You
can win the battle and there is the double therapy in
case of a suspected rabies virus affection: first the
intramuscular injection of the Vaccine on several days
after the bite. But additionally You always try to make
a "local killing" of the Rabies Virus and to make local
injections with high doses of immunglobulines and
exactly near the place where the bite was. And there
is a possible time of seven days in which this therapy
is considered to be effective.
And now what has this to do with the Corona virus:
The Corona virus cannot fly from one human body to
the other human body and the Corona virus cannot
jump like a grasshopper. Only within water drops in
the air or being on glass or metal for some hours
and those materials being touched with the hand
and after the hand going to the face can bring the
Corona virus to the human body.
And then the Corona Virus only enters via nose or
mouth or mucosa of the eye into the human body.
And then the Corona Virus has a specific affinity
to the lung cells same like the Rabies Virus has a
specific affinity to the cells of the nervous system.
But the Corona Virus needs time from the nose
to the loung and is not very quickly in the lung
but probably needs several days and in this time
the virus also multiplying itself.
And it is very well known that a virus is sensible
to hot weather or to hot steam.
So could this not be an additional protection to
make in the evening a hot water steam = put
water in a pan and make it hot and inhale the
hot steam ?!
I made a google search and fact is that some
say that this could be dangerous and too hot
steam can even burn some mucosa. But the
truth is that the time is too short to have clear
results and medical studies concerning this
question were never done.
So could it eventually be an additional protection
if the Virus should have entered the body to try
to destroy with a hot water steam the Virus on
its way from the nose to the lung so that at
least the amount of the Virus will become less
= higher chance for a soft sickness
I read one article of a professor of virology
and he just said "Nützt es nichts so schadet es
nichts" = "there is actually no scientific proof
that this is effective, but it could indeed be
effective, but even if it should not be effective
("nützt es nichts") so for sure it can at least
not be dangerous ("so schadet es nichts") if
You just try it.
Ten days ago I made my personal experience
with hot water steam. In the evening after work
I felt not so good and like first symptoms of a
flu and a strong cold. But this could also have
been the first symptom of Corona virus ? Then
in the evening I just made a hot water steam +
a hot shower and went to sleep and the next
morning my health was completely perfect and
no symptoms in the nose at all !
So why not just try this hot water steams
because very much is not known yet about this
virus and You have nothing to lose and You can
only win !
Best regards from brother Daniel in Switzerland
and may God bless You All.