Ron Reese (1 Apr 2018)


I am starting this post at 9:30 p.m., Friday evening, EXACTLY 7 days from the projected Rapture/Sudden Nuclear Destruction date of March 6th.  This is the date that I have been pointing towards for about one year now.  I have been pointing towards this date because all of the signs are pointing DIRECTLY to this date.  I pointed out about 3 months ago that the Lord has 3 main Scriptural WARNING NUMBERS.  They are 120, 40, and 7.  I do not believe that it can be just a coincidence that the Lord has given us a probable 120-day Warning, a probable 40-day Warning, and now MORE THAN ONE PROBABLE 7--DAY WARNINGS!  Here are the links to what I consider to be the 120-day Warning, and the 40-day Warning:

I believe that both March 30th and March 31st both qualify to be 7-Day Warning days, as Jewish inclusive counting allows for that.  These first two events happened today March 30th, and the third event will happen on March 31st.  I am going to wait until Saturday to send this post out to see if anything further develops that might be significant.  Here are the 3 probable 7-Day Warnings, leading to the projected date of Friday, April 6, 2018, as the likely date for the Rapture/Sudden Nuclear Destruction:

1.  It must be pointed out that Russia is considered by most Bible Prophecy students to be the lead nation that heads up the confederacy against Israel, in Ezekiel 38--39.  I believe that it is more important to keep our eyes on Russia than it is on North Korea, China, Iran, Turkey, or any other nation.  What took place this morning in Russia is not so much WHAT happened, but WHEN it happened.  This event happened on March 30th, EXACTLY 7 DAYS FROM APRIL 6TH!

This morning Putin unleashed an intercontinental missile that he bragged is invincible, and that no country could shoot it down. The relations between the United States and Russia has recently deteriorated to the worst point that it has been since the Cold War, decades ago.  As Putin was bragging about Russia's nuclear superiority in his speech today, behind him was playing an animated production, depicting A NUCLEAR ATTACK BY RUSSIA ON THE UNITED STATES!!!  I emphasize that this took place 7 DAYS BEFORE APRIL 6, 2018!!!  It has been many decades since Russia has been doing the saber-rattling to the extent that it is doing today.

The trigger points for World War 3 are everywhere.  Here is just a quick look at a few countries, or events, that have happened recently, any one of which could be the trigger point for World War 3, and the Rapture:

1.  Israel.  It would be non-Biblical to put any nation before Israel.  Israel has to be the focal point of any discussion about World War 3.  They are easily the most hated nation on earth.
Russia, Iran, and Syria are all moving closer and closer to the borders of Israel every day. Israel's enemies are plotting against her.  The Great Tribulation centers around Israel, as it is known as the "Time of Jacob's (Israel's) Trouble".

2.  Turkey's leader is threatening to gather all of Israel's enemies, on all sides, for a MASSIVE attack on Israel.

3.  I just wrote about Russia as a MAJOR possible trigger point, especially with a possible nuclear attack on New York City (Mystery Babylon), and possibly other U.S. cities.  The recent diplomatic crisis with Russia also has greatly increased tensions between the two countries.  The possibility of a Russian nuclear submarine off the east, or west coast of the U.S., could easily trigger a MASSIVE tsunami, triggering tens of millions of deaths.

4.  Syria.  This long civil war in Syria is a focal point for the whole world, especially since it borders Israel, and especially since the Word prophesies the complete (nuclear?) destruction of Damascus, never to be inhabited again.

5.  Iran.  Donald Trump is threatening to nullify the Iran nuclear deal, greatly increasing the likelihood of aggravating a very militaristic Iran.  Through Syria, Iran is moving closer and closer to Israel's borders.  They are one of the major players listed in Ezekiel 38--39.

6.  China.  Trump has initiated what most consider to be a trade war with China.  This is drawing China more into the discussion than ever before, concerning the use of nuclear weapons, as they are not a happy camper right now.

7.  North Korea.  This list is not in any particular order, as North Korea would be higher on the list.  Do not believe for one second that Kim has any intention of reducing North Korea's nuclear weapons.  They will remain a major threat, especially for the possibility of an EMP attack on the United States.

8.  Kim had never once in his 7 years of power ventured outside of North Korea.  The United States should be concerned about his trip to China this week, for a secret conference with China's leaders.  This secret meeting also should be of deep concern for the entire free world.

9.  A nuclear attack by terrorists.  A nuclear bomb planted by terrorists in New York City could be a more real threat than most believe.  If this is the trigger point, there would be no nuclear retaliation from the U.S., as there would be no way to trace where the attack came from.

To sum this up, after 40+ years of studying Bible Prophecy, I am convinced of a Sudden Nuclear Destruction triggering God's Great Deliverance, in the form of the Firstfruits Rapture. That is why we all have to view the extreme closeness of the Rapture with mixed emotions. On the one hand, we all want to see our loved ones who have gone on before us, and we all want to see Jesus, and spend eternity in Heaven with Him, in our glorified bodies.  What an awesome, unimaginable eternity lies straight ahead of us.  On the other hand, the most unbelievable apocalyptic horrors lie straight ahead for many of our loved ones and friends, and that will include the extremely difficult decision to accept, or reject, the dreaded Mark of the Beast.  You will by unable to buy or sell ANYTHING, including food, gas, electricity, and heat, without taking this Mark.  But, according to the Word, you will lose your last chance of ever making it to Heaven, if you accept the Mark.

2.  The 2nd probable 7--Day Warning took place today on the borders of Israel, as an estimated 30,000 Palestinians rioted and protested, in the Great March of Return, against their hated enemy Israel.  The latest report has 15 Palestinians killed, and over 1400 wounded. The commentator ended his report by saying that whenever something this major has happened to Israel in the past, the situation has escalated very quickly into WAR.

This is an ominous sign, as this happened EXACTLY 7 DAYS BEFORE APRIL 6TH!!!  I cannot tell you if this grave situation will result in a rapid escalation, leading to a WAR with Israel, but it seems likely, especially with the timing of it.  My heart leaped this afternoon, as I viewed this news report from Israel.  This was the probable 7-Day Warning sign that I was expecting.  This is the Warning sign that has filled my heart with anticipation, and urgency, unlike anything that I have ever felt before.  Because of the timing, we MUST take this warning very seriously!  PREPARE YOUR HEART NOW FOR THE RAPTURE AND TO ESCAPE THIS SUDDEN NUCLEAR DESTRUCTION!!!!!!!

3.  Here is the 3rd probable 7-Day Warning.  Jesus told us that there would signs in the heavens of His Soon Return.  When the Final 7 Years began on 11/11/15, it was just after the 4 Blood Red Moons, all on the same two Jewish Holy Days, and the eclipses, took place. Those 4 Blood Red Moons, and the eclipses, were all signs pointing directly to 11/11/15. Now we have another rare occurrence of 4 Blue Moons in the short space of just 3 months. It is my understanding that this happens only four or five times each century.  Does this not suggest to us that these 4 Blue Moons are also signs of our Lord's Return?

In my opinion, it is probable that this is ANOTHER 7-Day Warning.  The main significance is that the FINAL BLUE MOON is taking place EXACTLY 7 DAYS INCLUSIVELY FROM APRIL 6, 2018, THE VERY SAME DAY THAT EVERY OTHER SIGN IS POINTING DIRECTLY TO!!!!!!!  (There may be other reasons why these four blue moons are important signs pointing directly to the day of the Firstfruits Rapture and the Sudden Nuclear Destruction.)

I am including below the recent post, which includes eight COMPELLING reasons why we have every reason to expect APRIL 6, 2018, TO BE THE DAY OF THE RAPTURE/SUDDEN DESTRUCTION!!!!!!!   We can now add another reason.  We can add 3 probable 7-Day Warnings leading us DIRECTLY to this date.  Here is that link:  "ALL of the Puzzle Pieces fit perfectly for Apr. 11, 2018, to be the start of the Great Tribulation--Part 3!!!"

None of us will be able to say that God did not give us ample warning.  Progressive revelation has finally led us to what I consider the CORRECT TIMING for the Firstfruits Rapture/Sudden Nuclear Destruction.  I retired several years early to start this Bible Prophecy internet ministry.  In a few more days, it is very likely to be all over, one way or another. There simply is no place to go with a projected start of the 1260-day Great Tribulation, after Apr. 11th of this year.  It simply HAS to end on the Jewish Feast Days 1260 days later. Jesus HAS to fulfill the Fall Feast Days at the END of the Great Tribulation.  If the Great Tribulation were to start on Feast of Pentecost, or the Fall Feasts of 2018, the 1260 days would take us past all of the Fall Feast Days in 2021.  In my studied opinion, it HAS to start no later than Apr. 11th of this year.

The 120-Day Warning points DIRECTLY to Apr. 6th!
The 40-Day Warning points DIRECTLY to Apr. 6th!
Three probable 7-Day Warnings point DIRECTLY to Apr. 6th!

How could I, as a Biblical Watchman (Ezekiel 33) NOT warn everyone of this projected date???  With the evidence so AMAZING, COMPELLING, AND OVERWHELMING, I can live with the consequences, if nothing happens by Apr. 6th--11th, simply because we had every reason to expect it to happen.  What I could not live with is to sit back and not give any warning, with the evidence this COMPELLING.  There is WAY too much at stake--for all of eternity.  Will YOU be able to live with the consequences of NOT warning your loved ones and your friends?  Eternity is a long, long, long time to have to live with it.

Believing with all of my heart, that I will be seeing many of you VERY, VERY SOON, in Heaven, for all eternity.  Even so, come, Lord Jesus!


Ron Reese