Jean Stepnoski (22 Apr 2018)
"The Second Passover in 2018: Iyar 14 Eve "


   After The First Passover are 7 Days of The Feast of Unleavened Bread (including  Feast of First Fruits). The First Passover + Feast of Unleavened Bread + The Feast of First Fruits are Feasts 2-3 of YHWH. The weekly Shabbat is Feast 1. Lev.: 23. There are ONLY 2 NIGHTS OF THE YEAR when the MESSIAH HAS COMMANDED TO REMEMBER HIM. The first is First Passover Eve on Nisan 14. The other? By implication? Second Passover Eve on Iyar 14. The themes are the same: Exodus and Messiah. Another theme is barley.

   Since days of old in Israel, the HEAD of the mature barley is ready at the Feast of First Fruits on Nisan 17-18. FIRST THE HEAD. THEN THE BODY, the remainder of the barley harvest. Messiah, Christ the Lord, is clearly associated with the HEAD of the barley harvest, with His Resurrection on The Feast of First Fruits. Are His followers representing the remainder of the barley harvest, THE BODY? Barley is the First grain harvest, the wheat is later and associated with the saints of the tribulum during "the hour of trial" during The 70th Week of Daniel. WHEN is the barley logically ALL COMPLETE IN HARVEST? About 3 and 1/2weeks after The First Passover? Not later at Ascension Day or Pentecost (Shavuot). WHEN is THE BODY OF BELIEVERS mature and complete to harvest? The Second Passover? Remember also the theme of THE MAN RETURNING FROM A FAR JOURNEY? The Messiah has been away well over 750,000 days since Ascension Day. The Messiah is the focal point as THE HEAD OF THE BODY. THEN, THE BODY.

   Worldwide, on the Torah Calendar, all places have Second Passover opportunities from 4-30 to 5-1. Everywhere. Abba Father and Messiah will have noticed which people have honored their Feasts 1-3 in 2018. THIS may be far more important than we realize. Will The Unleavened One, never leavened by sin, return for His bride, body, family, the barley people at The Second Passover on Iyar 14 Eve? Will the 2 Witnesses "in the spirit of Moses and Elijah" appear in Jerusalem then? Or 21 days later on 5-21 to 22? Also. Manna Anniversary is Iyar 16-17. Manna was a form of unleavened bread. There are 3 days between Iyar 14 and 16. The First Resurrection Day (The Blessed Hope) and The Covenant Renewal Day may be on different days, 21 days apart? We shall see.

   My articles on The Second Passover are at archives: 4-25-2011, 4-9-2012, and 4-2-2013. Also, an article on First Passover from 3-29-2015. The bride wears white. Are the fields in Israel white to harvest with barley? Wheat would look golden.

With Love and Shalom,