TH (30 Apr 2017)
"AT LAST...."

                          AT LAST....

     Well, someone "finally" gets it !  Gary Almond, congrats !  I've been waiting for
someone else to come to an understanding of what I have been putting forth for
a LONG time. Whew !  I feel good !  At last.... Your letter of 4/23 hits the nail on the
Head. It lacks a few specifics tho, but the main gist of your explanation is correct.
There are a few "details",however, irrelevant to the central theme. If you would like to
know those "details", you can get my Email from John and we can discuss them at
your convenience. Not a deal breaker, but interesting as they add to the validity of
your theory. Sorta like the nuts and bolts of the process. You've come this far, why
not go the whole way ? When taken as a WHOLE, it becomes an AH HA moment.
It has sustained me (and a few others) for a long time, even in the face of the critics
and those who are afraid to have been mistaken in their long held beliefs. It should
be pointed out that they will NOT suffer for their lack of understanding. They will
just be a good way. They must see...because they didn't hear.
That will be explained, if we talk.  It's soon now, so if you're of a mind...  LMK
                     YBIC.....T H