TH (30 Apr 2017)


              THE NARROW ROAD

It Surprises, Shocks and Saddens me that so "Few" people talk about the "Narrow
Road" that JESUS HIMSELF says that there are "few there be that find it".  Why is
that?  Isn't that important enough to rate discussion among us Doves? How many of us "feel" we are on that "Road"?  Can anyone here, define what it MEANS
to be on that ROAD ?  Who are the people JESUS says to "get away from ME you
workers of iniquity, I NEVER KNEW YOU".  The way that is worded and in conjunction with HIS statement about there be "Few"...many, it seems will be told to
"Get Away From ME".  Isn't that frightening enough to look into what HE means
and to whom it applies?  Just consider the number of people that have been
Baptized, go to Church once a week, and maybe even "Tithe",  they would seem
to constitute the "many" by definition.  JESUS points out that there is a DIFFERENCE among those that "believe" they are Saved and are going to Heaven,
and those that ACTUALLY ARE going to Heaven. How do we MAKE SURE we are
among those HE WELCOMES as brothers and sisters ?  Do YOU KNOW Where
YOU STAND in HIS EYES (Heart) ?  What "evidence", that is Scripturally sound,
do YOU rely on for ABSOLUTE SURETY that YOU are not among the "many" ?
How ENGAGED in the World are you?  Is there ANYTHING, and I MEAN absolutely
A N Y T H I N G !  that you put Above your relationship with HIM ?  Willing to WALK
DOWN that ROAD penniless and alone?  ARE YOU Walking that ROAD now?  I can't think of anything more important in "this" life than making SURE HE KNOWS
YOU, can you? And if so, why aren't we talking about our own experiences while
on that Road ?  What they are, and how we do handle them?  We ALL hear about folks
who are afflicted in some way in their lives and ask for Prayers to "relieve" them of
such.  What did Paul and other Disciples say of their affictions?  They were GLAD to
SUFFER for the LORD.  It meant, to them, that the LORD was "paying attention to them" by way of allowing them to SUFFER (in their own personal way) so they could
develop a "kinship" of SUFFERING with HIM, albeit in a lesser way, but in an
Acceptable (to HIM) way. Each "Path" on that ROAD custom made on an individual
basis.  Like ANY MARRIAGE has ups and downs, we look for the same in our "marriage"
with HIM.  But we, as vain and self-centered humans seek relief from HIM from ALL of
our suffering in our lives, don't we?  Should we? Or should we be like Paul and others
and be GRATEFUL for our suffering as HIS SPIRIT shows up best in us when we are at our
weakest, i.e. Suffering?  The confidence in KNOWING that it is HIM that is orchestrating
our afflictions, is gained by confirmation that we are indeed "on that ROAD" and committed
to "finishing the Race".  How so we determine that Confidence ?  HE, the LORD HIMSELF,
CONFIRMS this to us !  How does HE do this ? ?    HE SPEAKS TO US.....HIS SHEEP ..the
ones that are FOLLOWING HIM down that NARROW WAY !  And we Travel Light and even
in Pain sometime. But we FOLLOW HIM forsaking A L L  ELSE.  And we allow HIM to
DECIDE ALL THINGS for us, even if we don't understand what is going on at the time.
      IF we have enough FAITH in HIM and HIS WORDS and you ?
         Have you given All of your Worldly desires and choices to HIM ?
                  HIS VOICE confirms to us that HE KNOWS US  and  OBEDIENCE
                          is what that VOICE asks FOR....  ( HIS WORDS, not mine)
                              You will NEED to HEAR HIS VOICE while walking on
                                                       YOUR OWN   "Narrow Road"
                               Better SEEK HIS VOICE NOW !   (while you still can, before the
                                    darkness comes..... for it is soon to fall upon the World)

                                                   MARANATHA !
                                                                                   Do you know what is at the END
                                                           T H                   of your "Narrow Road" ?    SEALING ! !