Jan J (30 Apr 2017)
"My Kingdom Is At Hand"


My Kingdom Is At Hand
By Frances J. Roberts
By My Spirit, says the Lord, shall I speak to My people.
They shall sing of My Glory who hear My voice. They shall
be filled with rejoicing who behold My countenance. They
shall bring their offerings of praise, and I shall bless them out
of the riches of My heart. The more they bless Me, the more
will I honor them. They shall walk in a path of delight who are pure of heart. Joy is the natural climate of heaven, and My chosen ones who delight in Me shall have a full portion even now.
Be prepared for Me, for I shall come unto you in a blinding splendour, and you shall not be able to bear it if you have been regarding the darkness about you. Look above the
present scene, for to dwell on the confusion of the world
would unfit you for the revelation of heaven. You are not
going to be here much longer, and no one spends time nor
thought on what is soon to be left behind.
Abundantly have I blessed you. Your gratitude for this is
fitting. But there are far more wonderful things that I am
about to do for you, so keep your heart free and your mind
stayed upon Me.  The Great Revelation is unfolding, and
the ushering in of My Kingdom is at hand. I would prepare
you. I have truth to give you that is vital to this hour. You
need to receive it now so that you shall not be perplexed.
It shall indeed be a dark hour for the world, and humanity
shall be enshrouded in a darkness such as in the days of the
flood.  This shall be an even greater darkness, and there shall be anguish and travail.  But out of this shall come a new age
~~~~ of righteousness and of peace, and all creation shall
struggle in travail until it be brought forth.
But I am lifting My chosen ones even now into a realm of
glory and revelation. Yes, I am bringing forth a special unique
creation. It shall be as Noah and as Lot, even the righteous
remnant which shall be delivered out of destruction.
For judgment must fall upon sin and all ungodliness. Evil
must be purged and put away. But I will always have a witness,
says the Lord, and I will not forsake My people who put
their trust in Me.  The greater the judgment, the greater the
deliverance; and the greater the darkness, the greater the
glory. The greater the lie, the greater the Truth.
These are going to be Glorious days for you, My chosen.
(And this has been a mutual choosing. If the world would
choose Me now, I would usher in My Kingdom now, even
as in the days of Jesus' earthly ministry. Israel had then the
opportunity to accept her Messiah. Having rejected, judg-
ment ensued. So it is today. Mankind has had nearly two
thousand years to accept My grace and My forgiveness and
salvation. Having rejected, doom is inevitable.)
This is the night of man's rebellion and disobedience. You
are beginning to see the fulfillment of the second Psalm. But
in this night, the door shall be opened. It shall be opened by
the Bridegroom, and they who are watching, and they who
have maintained their lamps of witness shall go in. Others
shall see and shall desire to enter, but shall be too late.
See that your witness not cease. Only as you have a full
supply of My Spirit can the fire of testimony be kept alive.
They who hold darkened lamps could scarcely be unbelievers;
for the lamp is My Word.  My Word without My Spirit can
produce no witness. The fire is the witness, and the fire comes never from the Word alone, but always from the Word
and the oil of the Spirit.  See that you lose not the oil. When
those who possess the oil have been taken away, where shall
you go to buy?
Be filled, My people, and be burning, for when I come I shall
come for the living, not for the dead; for the Living WItness I
shall preserve to carry the light over into the Kingdom Age.