Fay (30 Apr 2017)
"Battle is Not against Flesh and Blood"

If ever one needs clarification on just who our battle is against, there is plenty of evidence out there. However, having it encapsulated, so efficiently, into one short video clip ( just over 7 minutes) is pretty damn illuminating. It has taken me awhile to really clock just what was unleashed against mankind in the Garden of Eden. Once Adam and Eve had eaten of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Horrific. Evil has been covert - sneaking up on us and blindsiding us. Covering it's wolf like self under sheep's clothing. Now - as prophesied, evil has become overt and full on. Knowledge has increased, as scripture promised us. Scales are being stripped away from human eyes. The full, ugly truth of our lives under evil, has become increasingly apparent. We are all taking sides. Because we have to. Good v Evil. The lukewarm may choose to remain willfully ignorant - ignoring the obvious. They may as well side with the evil camp, they are so useless. NOW is the time to choose. The door to the ark is about to close.
Maranatha, LORD Jesus.

The HORRIFIC Truth: Mainstream Govt. Media - Villains of Humanity!!