Fay (30 Apr 2017)
"Jeremiah 4"


Read through this carefully, please Doves. I believe this is soon coming to pass. Israel is in grave danger. Almighty God is angry. Throughout Israel's history, God has pleaded with them to trust in Him alone. Instead, Israel has trusted in the powers that be in this world. The USA and her military might - Britain and her false promises. Israel is still - and always will be - God's chosen nation and people. God's prophetic time clock. But, because Israel has not trusted in the LORD and followed His laws, great judgement is coming. Not just upon Israel - upon all the world. If only Israel knew just how much responsibility has been placed on them by the LORD. It should not be a heavy burden but it has become so.

We are not in any position to judge Israel and her people. If the Almighty had chosen the UK and her people as His prophetic time clock, we would be in even bigger trouble than we are already. No way would our leaders have adhered to God's word. Terrible judgement is about to ensue. It's on our doorstep. THIS is how Jerusalem has become a burdensome stone - a cup of trembling to all nations who involve themselves with her. All nations will be embroiled in this disaster - until God's chosen people and nation return to Him.

Please let us all pray for Israel - God's land and His people. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and that His will be done. Without the peace of Jerusalem, a return to God by the Jewish people - this world will NEVER have peace. I pray that this catastrophe (which has to happen) comes and goes quickly. I pray that it brings us all into unity with our Creator. I pray that the reign of Satan is coming to a swift end.

In Jesus' Name.

Bible Gateway passage: Jeremiah 4 - New International Version