TH (24 Apr 2016)


                                            LIFE'S WORK

Mankind is JESUS' ...Life's work.  HE DIED for Humanity, and LIVES for Humanity.
Be happy when you have all of your wealth taken away from you, for your riches will
         be stored for you in Heaven,  where they last Forever.
Understanding when the "TROUBLE" comes to you, (if you are a "sheep" walking the
          "Narrow Way" and HEAR HIS VOICE )  you need not Fear it,  as you KNOW it
           was sent by HIM and is for your ultimate good.
HIS and those that aren't, will never be on the same "Wave-Length".  You can try, but
if they are not "Chosen",  you will NEVER be "soul-mates" with them. Pray for them.
Being one of HIS SHEEP is a "Life's Work" for us.  A "Life" without HIM "ain't worth a
             plug nickel" even though the World would have you believe otherwise.
If you had ALL the Knowledge of the Universe at your disposal, why wouldn't you
              avail yourself of it?
Do you know what lies ahead for you?  HE DOES....why not ask HIM to be your guide?
GOD has the DNA sequence of EVERY Living thing on Earth committed to Memory.
Nibiru ( Apollion ) is Real, about to show up and facilitate the appearance of Hordes
       of demons posing as "aliens"......( at first )       It is identified in the Bible and is
         called the Destroyer.  The Sumarians mistook the Earthly demons as living on
The 144,000 must be Sealed ...Before ANY Judgement occurs on Earth ( Heb. 8:13 )
There may not be a "warning" preceding the Rapture,  but there IS a "warning" for
        those of the 144,000.  The Time Candidates:  3 days,  3&1/2 days,  7 days,
            21 days, 40 days, and 50 days.  Take your pick.
IF YOU don't HEAR HIS VOICE..........HE will DENY KNOWING YOU !   
Disengage from the World.  Our existence here is temporary and Worldly things work
       against having a Full Fledged Relationship with JESUS.   
Interesting enough is that LAST person to come CHRIST ( which triggers the Rapture )
   is an Arab.  This is so GOD'S Blessing to Ishmael will be kept.  HE Really does LOVE
   ALL mankind.   A L L  !
More on the Arabs.  Reports are saying hundreds/thousands? of islamists are coming
  to CHRIST daily all over the World. This is reportedly through Dreams and Visions.
   Almost all of them say they experienced just that.  A Dream or Vision that they
      had and that it was Powerful enough to convince them that JESUS ..IS the SON
        of GOD and that HE LOVES THEM.  
Ya know when we see all these Illegal immigrants that are coming here you might
  think that the progressives are winning but JESUS (and us) are the REAL winners
   in this situation. Much fewer islamists would have come to CHRIST ( with what short
    time remains )  had they Not come here. We Christians are still a Majority here, so
     they have a much better chance to see what Christianity is all about where they
       wouldn't anywhere else. Any right thinking man could discern for himself the
        character of the practitioner of each and choose which he would like be.  He
          couldn't do that where he came from, but he can do that here......isn't GOD
             wonderful ?  JESUS is to HIM today and tell HIM how much you
                   Love HIM....         MARANATHA !      T H