Judith (24 Apr 2016)


Doves -

On "The Jewish year 5776/5860 & 430 Years & 2300
days Study" posted this date, I discovered a mistake
that needs to be corrected.

Under the "RAPTURE/TRIBULATION" section I indicated
the Rapture will "begin on September 10,(Our May 17/18,
2016)".  It should be August as the TRIBULATION will
start (possibly) on September 10.  Please note that
the September 10th date is calculated on the 5861 date
which is the 360/day calendar corresponding to the
current 5776.7 yr. - (June on both calendars of 2016.3
and 5776.7).  Hopefully, the RAPTURE will be on the
date I've recently presented - May 17/18.

These studies have been more than difficult for me and
it has been easy to get dates mixed up - especially
when dealing with 4 different calendars.

Thank you for your patience and I will endeavor to do
my best when presenting these studies.