Judith (24 Apr 2016)
"The Jewish Calendar of 5776 Study - You won't believe this!!!"


THE JEWISH CALENDAR OF 5776 STUDY - You won't believe this!!!!
As I've said before, the calendar study provides many puzzle pieces that
when put together brings an amazing timeline that has to be more than
just coincidence.
The following is a perfect example:
In my previous study of April 17 posted on Five Doves I presented
another possibility for the RAPTURE - May 17/18, 2016 which just
happens to be the same date God came down on Mt. Sinai - i.e.

If the Rapture does occur and if the Tribulation would then start
in June this would bring the final calculation on the Jewish Calendar
5776.7 = May (Remember, the Jewish calendar starts in Sept.)
The year 5776.7 is based on the 365.25/day calendar. That year
translates to 5860.9 on the 360/day calendar. Possible Rapture
If the Tribulation follows from May to June then we have the
On the 365.25/day -
5776.7 = May - Possible Rapture
+      .1 = June - Possible Tribulation
The above translated to 360/day -
5860.9 = August 14
+      .1 = September 10
Now add the Tribulation years:
5776.8 = June - Possible start for Tribulation
+    7,1 = Tribulation yrs. including the added 75 days of Daniel
5783.9 = End Tribulation
5861 = Start of Tribulation
+   7.2 = Tribulation yrs. including the added 75 days of Daniel
5868.2 = End Tribulation
Assuming that God's Calendar Timeline includes a pattern/
cycle of 490 yrs., we can calculate the following:
(it should be understood that 490 = 70 x 7 which is referenced
as a "Jewish Sabbatical year" and includes the years of 70 x 7 =
490 yrs.). 
490 x 4 = 1960 yrs. 1960 x2 = 3920 yrs. = 8 total 490 yr. cycles
You won't believe what happens when we subtract the 3920 yrs. from
the final year(s) of the Tribulation on both the 365.25/day and 360/day.
Here it is........
5868.2 = End of Tribulation
3920 = Total of 1960 cycle patterns of 490 yrs.
1948.2 yrs. = The same as our May 14/15, 1948!!!
Can you believe it? The Tribulation could possibly
end on the same date when Israel became a nation
when using the 1960 cycle/pattern!!
Also, when calculating 3920 on the 365.25 day = 3863.7. Using
that year we can calculate the following on the 365.25/day
calendar when the tribulation ends.........
5783.9 = End Tribulation on 365.25/day
3863.7 = The 3920 yrs. translated to the 365.25/day
1920.2 = 1948.2 on the 360 translates to 1920.2 on the 365.25/day
I don't believe this study proves the exact Rapture/Tribulation
date, however, it may prove that this is the year beyond a doubt.  
There is a lot more on the study of these Jewish calendar dates, but I'll
continue in another post.
Keep looking up and be ready.
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