Jan J (24 Apr 2016)
"To Carl W and ALL regarding prophets"


Carl, you said:


I am really interested in what my fellow Doves think.  Am I a fool or do you really believe there is truth here?  Please share with me and with everybody here at the 5 Doves forum.


Hello Carl,


I really enjoyed your letter to the doves about the woman who you feel may be a true prophet.


Here is how I feel:  False prophets can at times be labeled

as speaking truth.  True prophets can at times be labeled as

speaking falsehood.  Even those with the gift of  spiritual discernment do not always know, but the Lord Jesus expects

us to use what knowledge and wisdom we do have to decide on these things.  Also, of course, 'by their fruit you know them."

There are those whose fruit is counterfeit too.  In the age in which we live, false prophets can fool if possible even God's


So......I tend to believe that the woman you mention is a true

prophet, but subject to human error.  All true prophets can be

subject to human error. Why?  Because we are still contending with the flesh and a dual nature while on this Earth.

Does a true prophet sometimes have human error and still be a true prophet?  My conclusion is YES. Remember Paul said,

(paraphrased) "Why do I do what I would not do, and vice versa. Oh wretched man that I am."

Of course, a false prophet can occasionally 'mutter a convincing truth.'  Satan is not stupid and he's very crafty...

but God has equipped us to know the false prophet....oh but

if he mutters a truth which is God's...knowing there's a 'truth'

there......may the Holy Spirit be obeyed by avoiding the false

one completely.

As true Christians we are much too quick to throw out the true

prophet who at times, yes, will unknowingly utter a falsehood. Ask the person some questions.  Or pray that the prophecy

gift which is true will increase in that prophet, but do not JUDGE them...........but rather be merciful, as they go about

doing what the Lord would want them to do.


Conclusion:  avoid the false prophet, and forgive the true prophet, embracing their obedience to the Lord.