Gerry Almond (24 Apr 2016)
"Now is the hour, it seems"

April 23, 2016

I wrote about there being 40 days as found by Bruce Warner and Steve Steinman which they suggested could be between the Philadelphia Church rapture and the Laodicea Church rapture. That would require the first rapture to be on April 22 to fit to May 31. That possibility has come and gone.

Obviously there is not 40 days remaining before May 31. So the idea of the 40 days between the Philadelphia and the Laodicea taking out cannot occur before June. This is outside the Bible code that said rapture in May over and over again. I must conclude therefore, that May is the month of the rapture of the Philadelphian Church and September is the month of rapture of the Laodicean Church that will be gathered in beginning in May and concluding in September, 2016.

John 4:35 Jesus taught that the difference between the barley (Philadelphia Church) and wheat Laodicea Church) harvests is 4 months. That is 4 x 30 = 120 days.

The latest possible date of Passover is believed to be May 5, so some teach. If that is our taking out, 120 days later is September 2. If it should be the last day of Passover, that would be May 12 and September 9 respectively. If on the other hand, the April 23 Passover is in view, then 120 days hence is August 20 inclusive count. If it should be the last day of Passover, that would be April 30 and therefore August 27. Somewhere in all of this seems to be the correct time of the rapture of the Philadelphia Church

Either of these timings accurately reflect the Song of Songs agrisigns. However, one of the watchers was told that one of those signs at rapture time was to be the flowering of the dogwood trees. Here in Southern Illinois, that has come and the pink ones are in the fullest of bloom this very day. Even in the northern most states now, the dogwood is bloomed.

I believe that our going home is momentary now. We don't know the day nor the hour, but the season is not only here, but nearly spent. It follows then that we need to be in much prayer and meditation, and to keep ourselves unspotted from the world. We have the Blessed Hope and because we do, Scripture says that we purify ourselves, even as He is pure.

The arches of Bel have risen. The Feast of Beltane is underway. Russia if full on the scene. The U. N. is considering the division of God's land and holy city of Jerusalem. The resolution includes the phrase “peace and security (safety)” and the U. S. will not only present it, but will vote for it. There will be no veto this time. This applies also to the Golan Heights, which Israel claims it will never give up. There is a great danger that the U. N. will resolve to try to make it do just that. Prophecy is fulfilled.

God will be and probably already is furious. God's wrath is next to come, it seems.

I believe that it is time.


Gerry Almond