Fay (24 Apr 2016)
"Nando & Judith - Timing"

Nando reposted Judith's email to Five Doves re the possible timing of the Rapture and ensuing tribulation. The timing is incredible - on many levels.  Doves - it's well worth reading and pondering on again. With the discovery of vast amounts of oil in the Golan - Netanyahu's firm announcement that Israel will NEVER cede the Golan - the murky water is clearing. The glass we are looking through is less dark.

Logic now tells me that this absurd, confusing war against Syria has always been about the Golan. Accusing Assad of being a tyrant etc., in order to justify attacking Syria, is a giant ruse. A great deception. It explains why the entire Middle East has got involved. They ALL want the wealth. The only thing, thus far, standing in the way, has been Assad refusing to budge. It also explains why Assad refuses to budge - in spite of having the world's armies attacking him. Israel has been left out of the conflict because they have always been an ally of the USA. NOW - Prez Zero has just sent in troops and arms under the guise of helping  out in Iraq !!! This news being in the wake of Netanyahu's announcement. Huh !! This is also combined with the USA threatening to expose Saudi Arabia's alleged links to 9/11. In return, Saudi Arabia have threatened to dump their US stocks if Zero allows this "expose". It's pretty clear that Zero is a muslim plant but it hasn't always been clear just who is pulling his strings. I used to think it was Saudi Arabia operating the puppet strings. Zero made sure we all thought he was a huge pal and fan of the Saudi royals - with all his bowing and scraping, hand kissing and obsequious grovelling. It was a good act. Zero then went on to empower Iran in the most destructive way possible. Methinks Zero is playing off one against the other in order to divide and rule. He has weakened all of them. Most of all - he has dealt America a crippling blow. The USA has been severely weakened. Europe is almost on it's knees with the migrant crisis and looming financial collapse. Obama has been the most destructive, divisive President in modern history. His actions have been revolting.

Remember young Nathan's vision? That the armies will all be fighting each other at first - ignoring Israel? Then they will ALL turn on Israel? How incredible that this scenario is right on the doorstep now. Obama will NOT allow Israel to stand in the way of claiming the Golan. I foresee a nuclear attack on Damascus in the very near future - then a concerted, all out attack on Israel......... who are. the only other obstacle to ownership of the Golan. MAN - the devil has done a good job of deceiving the world into attacking Israel - using the love of money. The root of all evil.

The Rapture is on the doorstep. However, I believe we are going to witness some pretty hair raising stuff first.

May Almighty God strengthen and protect us. In Jesus' Beloved Name.

April 18, 2016 A research timeline study for the Rapture on May 17/18 and the Tribulation on May 27/28 by Judith