Fay (24 Apr 2016)
"The Clincher - WOW"

  Dear John and Doves

Each time in recent months, that I have posted to Five Doves - I question whether we'll all still be here to read it. This feeling is particularly strong now. I am typing this on 18th April.

THIS declaration by Netanyahu, regarding Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, is sure to raise international hackles. It is well known that vast reserves of oil and natural gas have recently been discovered in the Golan. Such huge reserves, they would make Saudi Arabia look like paupers in comparison. Read this article and tell me that this doesn't qualify as the "hook in the jaw" that draws Gog (and the rest of the world) in. Things are now tense - on the brink. By making this declaration - with such force and determination - Bibi has just laid down the gauntlet.