Doug L (24 Apr 2016)
"Bind yourself to the alter of God's love."

Many of us are willing to give to God the parts of our lives that we are done with. We no longer are interested in what first attracted us to them. Like children playing - we have disgarded and desire them no more. These are the easy things to let go of. But God - desires our best and the first (fruits) to be offered to Him. That which is near and dear to us. The Book of Hebrews tells us of people who gave all to serve God and counted not their very lives - dear to themselves. It is time for all true believers to decide whom they will serve. To bind themselves to the alter of God's love and complete your offering to God - all of you for all of Him. To be filled with His Spirit - you must die to yourself and live for Him. The Spirit and The Bride say - come. Do you have ears to hear?