Doug L (24 Apr 2016)
"The man called "Prince" has tragically died - Oh - wake up you Rock and Rollers !"

Oh - wake up you Rock and Rollers !
Time may change you but you can't change(trace) time.
The man called "Prince" has tragically died - no doubt gifted and talented. For a brief moment in time he enjoyed wealth, fame and praise. He took in all that this world could offer such a celebrity as himself and the many who preceded him - but now it's over. As he took his last breath - he faced reality and the truth. He now has met The One who gave it all to him. After bowing t...o Him he will receive the sentence of all who lived a wicked life. Those who never sought to know God nor were they grateful to Him but took and wasted their precious lives. For them it is too late - "And this is what it sounds like when doves cry"!
There is no Rock and Roll heaven - no place for those who have perverted, drugged and pridefully wasted away their gifts and life. Yes, they will all end up in the same place - who neither acknowledged God or repent of their sins. It is called "The Lake of Fire" where the flames of their torment last forever. Yes - there is a "Highway to Hell" - it is called "THE BROAD PATH" and many are on it. Stop "Living in a Rock and Roll Fantasy."
Come to Jesus before it's too late for you.