TH (26 Apr 2015)
"C ome  E nter  R eturning  N ephalim"

               C ome  E nter  R eturning  N ephalim

     So what is the REAL purpose of the Hadron Collider ?  The largest machine
ever built by mankind ?  For what ?  To find the "GOD" particle ?  At the absolute
best, it would lead the way to a cheaper and more reliable source of energy, they
say. IF that were true, some sense could be derived of an investment of this
magnitude, after all look at the money in oil and atomic energy.  In total the money
for CERN would be reasonable, even cheap, in that context.  Another telling tid-bit
would be to find out where the money for this contraption is REALLY coming from.
You know, look for the money "trail" and the true purpose will reveal itself. Is OIL
and A.E. money behind this? I don't know and even if it were said to be, could we
believe it?  False Flags and Lying is the Forte of TPTB so there is NO HELP there in
gaining an understanding of the Truth behind such a huge undertaking.  Where does
that leave us in a quest to get to the Truth about CERN?  How about we look at it in
relation to the TIMES we are living in now and see if there could be some relevance to the END TIMES.  Does the BIBLE suggest anything relevant to what
we see in our skies and hear about on the NET nowadays?  The return of the giants,
fallen angels, demons, and of note, scorpion type things coming out of the smoking
bottomless pit.  Bottomless Pit, eh?  Pretty well established to mean another
Dimension.  Part of the discussion concerning CERN, there's talk of the "possibility"
of it "opening up" another Dimension.  Uh oh !  Why would we want to do that ?
Why to create a "worm-hole" so we can someday travel to the stars and leave poor
old worn out Earth to it's fate now that man has ruined it. Why do you ask? Everybody knows that !  What are you, some one who believes in GOD or some sort of other
foolishness? Believe it or not, that is the mindset of the many.  Anyway back to
our speculation.  You have heard that demonic beings can be HALTED in their actions, whatever they may be (abductions i.e. & etc,.) by mentioning JESUS' NAME.
And also that they have to be "invited" in (to wherever) -like the "black-eyed kids"
that come knocking.  So maybe "that which is coming on the Earth" also has to be
INVITED IN.  They can't just open a "Wormhole" and come through to wreck havoc
on mankind, so the "Fallen Ones" have helped (obviously behind the scenes) man
create his own "wormhole" so they can pass through as tho' we have now INVITED
THEM to come visit us and BTW bring all of their wonderful advanced knowledge
with them.........thank you very much ! !          SEEK HIS VOICE !

                     MARANATHA !

                               T H