Ron Reese (5 Apr 2015)

As we anxiously await another possible MAJOR Prophetic WARNING Sign on 4/11, the NWO elite have their fingerprints all over this MAJOR WARNING EVENT in  
NYC last week.  Another watcher was keen and alert enough to make this Satanic NWO connection, with several DIRECT SIGNS POINTING DIRECTLY TO 11/11/15.  Then I read the news account for myself,  and was able to discover a few more NWO connections.  Once again, we have discovered ELEVEN more 11/11 Signs!!!  Jesus told us in Revelation 3:3, that we could KNOW THE TIME IF WE ARE WATCHING!!!  
But so few are really intently WATCHING.  The Lord needs more WATCHERS, who are yielded to His Spirit.  I should have received emails from more than just one person on this obvious NWO elite connection, to this spectacular event.  I encourage more of you to spend more time in prayer.  Why is it so important to be diligently and keenly WATCHING?  I will be re-sending, and revising, an old post soon, on KNOWING THE TIME.  KNOWING THE TIME CHANGES EVERYTHING ABOUT OUR PERSPECTIVE ON WATCHING, ON HOLINESS, ON BEING SPIRITUALLY PREPARED, ON WARNING OTHERS, ON ESTABLISHING OUR PRIORITIES, AND ON OUR LAST DAYS' SERVICE FOR OUR LORD!!!
Amazingly, here are ELEVEN more NWO Signs, connected to this HUGE explosion and tragic fire in NYC, POINTING DIRECTLY TO ELEVEN, ELEVEN OF THIS YEAR, to be the 1st Day of the Tribulation, the Day of the Sudden Destruction, and probable simultaneous Rapture:
1.  IT HAPPENED IN NEW YORK CITY!!!  In my last post. I gave a few suggestions, as to what COULD happen on 11/11/15, that would qualify to be the Sudden Destruction of 1st Thess. 5, that would usher in the 7-Year Tribulation.  One of my suggestions was a nuclear bomb on New York City.  After this latest spectacular explosion and fire in NEW YORK CITY, it is becoming more and more obvious that a nuclear bomb on NYC is the likely target for the Sudden Destruction, initiated by the Satanic NWO elite. 
We must remember that the downfall of the U.S., is the very last step in the NWO elite's diabolical, evil, sinister, and Satanic plan, to usher in their New World Order one-world government, with them as the supreme rulers.  One nuclear bomb on NYC would cause the downfall of the U.S.  It would fulfill the Sudden Destruction of 1st Thess. 5.  It would also fulfill the SNARE, OR TRAP, of Luke 21:35, that is being set for the whole world to fall into, at the very beginning of the Tribulation.  It would also fulfill the opening of the 2nd Seal Judgment, in Rev 6:2, which is WAR AND THE UNLEASHING OF THE GREAT SWORD, WHICH IS UNDOUBTEDLY NUCLEAR WEAPONS. 
Let's look at this New York City connection from a Scriptural perspective.  Revelation 18 devotes the whole chapter to a detailed description of Mystery Babylon.  Over the last several years, most of us Watchers have read numerous dissertations, that have pointed out MANY similarities between Mystery Babylon and New York City.  The similarities are vast and uncanny.  The parallels of Rev. 18 to New York City are strikingly alarming.  They are so similar that it is safe to say that is becoming increasingly clear that NYC is almost certainly the Mystery Babylon, that will be completely destroyed in one hour!
We receive another very alarming clue in Rev. 18, in verse 2, which says, as God pours out His Judgment, "Babylon the great IS FALLEN, IS FALLEN."  There MUST be a reason why the Word says "Is Fallen", not just once, but TWICE.  New York City WAS FALLEN ON 9/11/01.  To me, this clue of TWO "Is Fallens" is pretty blatantly obvious.  It confirms New York City as Mystery Babylon, and it confirms a 2ND FALLING coming upon New York City.  According to God's Word, this 2nd Judgment will bring about NYC's complete destruction.  These huge explosion and devastating fire signs in NYC last week were DIRECT WARNING SIGNS of this catastrophic event, even down to the last detail. 
The 5th and 6th verses read like this, "For her sins have reached unto heaven, and GOD HAS REMEMBERED HER INIQUITIES.  Reward her even as she has rewarded you, and DOUBLE unto her DOUBLE according to her works:  in the cup which she hath filled to her DOUBLE."  A DOUBLE Judgment is coming upon New York City.  Verse 8 says, "Therefore, shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly BURNED WITH FIRE: for strong is the Lord who judgeth her."  Verse 10 says, "Standing afar off for the fear of her torment (nuclear fallout?), saying, Alas, alas, that GREAT CITY BABYLON, THAT MIGHTY CITY, FOR IN ONE HOUR IS YOUR JUDGMENT COME."  Read the whole chapter of Revelation 18, for the extremely sad, and sobering, and tragic account of the complete devastation and burning by fire (nuclear fire) of Mystery Babylon.
The fact that this EXPLOSION AND FIRE  happened in New York City, or Mystery Babylon, the target of the NWO elite, to bring the downfall of the United States, is EXTREMELY SIGNIFICANT AND PROPHETIC.  But wait until you hear the rest of the obvious SIGNS of this New York City explosion and fire that have the NWO fingerprints written ALL over it.  It will AMAZE YOU!  And it all points directly to ELEVEN ELEVEN of this year.
2.  The New World Order elite are giving to us the manner of how they will carry out this wicked plan, when they set out to bring about the downfall of the U.S., which will usher in their New World Order.  Please take careful note, as to what transpired in New York City last week.  First, a gigantic, extremely loud, EXPLOSION, followed closely by a huge and widespread FIRE.  This is EXACTLY what happens when a nuclear bomb strikes the earth.  Do NOT believe the news reports as to how this event transpired.  This was NO accident.  It was a PLANNED NWO ELITE EVENT!  The NWO elite are showing us BY THIS SPECTACULAR 
EXPLOSION AND WIDESPREAD FIRE that the next Judgment on NYC will be a NUCLEAR EXPLOSION AND FIRE, which will bring about the downfall of the U.S.
3.  HUGE clues are being given to us as to just WHEN THIS NUCLEAR JUDGMENT ON NEW YORK CITY will take place.  The tremendous explosion and monstrous fire affected four different buildings and addresses, but the explosion itself, and the building that suffered the most destruction, was at 121 Second Ave.  The NWO elite CHOSE 121 as the address for the Explosion and Fire.  Why?  Because they were giving us a MAJOR clue, as to when they are planning on striking NYC again, only this time with a nuclear weapon.  121 was the CHOSEN address because 121 = 11 X 11.  ELEVEN TIMES ELEVEN!  They once again are pointing us DIRECTLY to 11/11/15 as the date of the SUDDEN DESTRUCTION of Nuclear Judgment on NYC.  For those of you who have read all three of my posts, in a 3-Part series on "ELEVEN Signs Pointing Directly to 11/11/15 as the first Day of the Tribulation", this DIRECT SIGN should not surprise you.
4.  For those of you who believe this 121 address is coincidental, the NWO elite want to make absolutely sure that we do not miss the ELEVEN ELEVEN connection.  They are telling us that the # 121 was CHOSEN, and was NO coincidence.  For the injured people in this enormous explosion and devastating fire, a Red Cross unit was set up, as a reception area.  According to news reports, this station was set up at 121 E. 3rd St.   The very same number was CHOSEN as the address so closely connected to this entirely pre-planned event.  Once again, the NWO elite gave a 2nd CONFIRMING Sign of the date of the coming nuclear Judgment on New York City.  They were confirming that it would be on ELEVEN ELEVEN, of this year.
5.  The EXPLOSION AND FIRE took place at 121 SECOND Avenue, as previously mentioned.  Could the fact that SECOND Ave. was the CHOSEN street also be 
significant?  Could the NWO elite be pointing to when NYC IS FALLEN, IS FALLEN???  Are they pointing us directly to the 2nd "Is Fallen", event, following the 9/11/01 attack on NYC, only next time on a MUCH greater magnitude?  121 SECOND Ave. has NWO implications written all over it, both with the number 121 and the street, as SECOND Ave.  They are informing us that they are planning A SECOND MAJOR EVENT on ELEVEN, ELEVEN, which is 121 = 11 X 11.
The Red Cross station was set up at 121 EAST THIRD Street.  Could the East represent the East Coast, where this nuclear Judgment will take place?  Could the THIRD St. represent 3 attacks on NYC?  The first attack took place on 9/11/01.  The 2nd attack took place, as a MAJOR WARNING event, on 3/26/15.  They are definitely pointing to the THIRD and Final attack on 11/11/15.  Is this why they CHOSE 121 EAST THIRD STREET, for this designated Red Cross station to be set up?  The 121 is definitely a MAJOR PROPHETIC SIGN.  The EAST and the THIRD are probable NWO Signs, as well.
6.  The gigantic explosion and widespread fire took place at 121 2nd Ave., but it was actually at the corner of 2nd Ave. and SEVENTH Street.  Is this another sign that this next horrific attack on NYC, which they are showing us will be nuclear, will be on the very same day that opens up the SEVEN-Year Tribulation?  This NWO event in NYC was also a SEVEN-Alarm fire.  Could this also be a SEVEN-month (and a few days) Warning?  How interesting, even fascinating, are these names of the streets, and the addresses, that are extremely instrumental in carrying out the NWO signs???   Anyone who believes that ALL of the above, and below, is just coincidence, is simply denying the overwhelming evidence.  In my opinion, it is not mathematically possible for all of these ELEVEN Signs Pointing us Directly to 11/11/15, to be coincidental.  There is a very real DESIGN here.  There are very real CLUES here.  There are very real MAJOR Signs here.  There are HUGE Prophetic puzzles pieces being put together here. 
The NWO elite are becoming more blatant with their clues, as the vast majority of sheeple go about their business, so caught up in the CARES OF THIS LIFE (Luke 21:34), way too busy to notice or care what is headed straight their way, like a steamrolling locomotive.  Somebody MUST WARN them.  Will you help me by spreading posts like these to whomever the Lord leads you to?  It is our duty and responsibility to WARN people.  It is up to the Holy Spirit to convict their hearts to GET READY BEFORE IT IS ETERNALLY TOO LATE!
7.  The building at 121 2nd Ave. and the building next to it, both PANCAKE COLLAPSED, according to news reports.  Does this ring a bell, as to what happened during the 9/11/01 attack?  Many eyewitnesses reported that both Twin Towers PANCAKE COLLAPSED, suggesting that these buildings may not have collapsed because of the plane attacks, but because of pre-planted bombs near the bottom of the Towers.  Many experts have testified that this is the way that it HAD to have happened.  If so, this makes it MUCH easier to tie in the NWO elite to this evil attack on 9/11/01.  Are the NWO elite giving us clues, because of these TWO buildings PANCAKE COLLAPSING (just like the TWO Twin Tower buildings PANCAKE COLLAPSED), that this EXPLOSION AND FIRE are being tied in to the events of 9/11/01, and, therefore, also connected to the next MAJOR JUDGMENT ON NEW YORK CITY, on 11/11/15???
8.  With #7 above being a true account, with live witnesses, were there other 9/11/01, and 11/11/15 clues being given to us with the NYC events of March 26th?  How about the CHOSEN date itself? The numbers of the date of this NWO event, which was on 3/26, total up to ELEVEN.  3 + 2 + 6 = 11.  ELEVEN, as in NINE ELEVEN, and, as in ELEVEN ELEVEN. 
9.  Quoting from this news report, on March 26th, of this massive explosion and widespread fire, that I am going to link for you below, so that you can check out these facts, and NWO connections, for yourself:
"By 9 p.m., the 119 building was a ruin with only the front wall still standing,and it looked like it could collapse.  Only the front wall of the 121 building still stood, and the 123 building was completely leveled."
"By 11 p.m., tweets from the scene showed that the 119 and 121 buildings had been completely cleared away.  The 125 building remained, but sustained major fire damage."

Please note above how the reporter of this news article, makes the 9/11 connection.  It was very subtle, but very obvious, to a keen observer, who is WATCHING THE SIGNS.  These were CHOSEN times.  These were CHOSEN numbers.  He could have made these times more precise, such as 9:15 p.m., or 11:10 p.m., or used different hours. But no, here is another deliberate tie-in, as this reporter CHOSE to make the 9/11 connection.  He CHOSE to put the 9 and the 11 very close together, in back-to-back short paragraphs, that simply cannot be coincidental, in light of all of the other NWO fingerprints written all over this SIGN-FILLED event.  Also in the article, he used the two-word connection to 9/11, of PANCAKE COLLAPSE.  He used it not once, but TWICE, thereby connecting these TWO buildings pancake collapsing, to the TWO NWO Twin Tower buildings pancake collapsing on 9/11.

10.  The radio station that was the one quoted in this news article, as being the ones on the scene, was 1010 WINS.  When one considers numbers, the zeroes can always be thrown out, thereby creating another subtle 11, or ELEVEN.  The name of the radio station on the scene of this NWO event was WINS.  Could they be telling us that the NWO WINS on 11/11?  Way back on the first Armistice Day, at the conclusion of WW1, the NWO elite were pointing to some future 11/11 (not sure if they knew the year back then).  The very first Armistice Day was instituted on 11/11 at 11:11 a.m.  How many of you really believe this was another coincidence?  NO WAY!  The Satanic NWO elite were in existence in the days of WW1.  They deliberately CHOSE  the day of 11/11, and the time of 11:11, because they were pointing to a future date of 11/11. 

ELEVEN  is the number of Lucifer.  By using more than one ELEVEN in the date, in their final climatic attempt for their Day of Destiny, they believe the more ELEVENS they can include in their Chosen Day, the better chance that Satan will help them succeed, in finally realizing their ultimate goal of a one-world government, under a New World Order.  Will their ill-fated move come at either 11:11 a.m., or 11:11 p.m.?  They have used this same number of ELEVENS in establishing Armistice Day to end WW1, so it seems probable that they will do it again, only this time to ignite WW3.  We can determine their CHOSEN DATE AS UNDOUBTEDLY 11/11/15, so maybe the time of day, or night, will also be 11:11.

11.  As I usually do, I try to put two of the best SIGNS at the top and the bottom.  For this final SIGN, we are going back to the date of the EXPLOSION AND RESULTING FIRE (paralleling the nuclear explosion and resulting nuclear fire).  Occultists consider 33, 333, and 3333 to be the most evil and Satanic of all numbers.  Multiplying the extremely Satanic prime numbers of THREE AND ELEVEN, you get 33.  3 times 11 = 33.  Satan took one-third of the angels with him, when he rebelled against God, or 33.33 per cent, or .3333.

It is only natural that any Satanic plan, so criticallly important to the NWO elite, would somehow involve one, or more, of these very Satanic numbers.  This ELEVENTH Sign, again points us DIRECTLY TO 11/11/15.  March 26, 2015, was the Satanic New World Order's CHOSEN date.  It was a date filled with WARNING SIGNS.  It was a Satanic event, filled with WARNING SIGNS.  It simply cannot be a coincidence that March 26th is EXACTLY THIRTY-THREE weeks from ELEVEN ELEVEN, right to the day, of this year of 2015.

What do all of these ELEVEN Signs mean?  As I have been saying for several weeks now, it means that we have EVERY (and with this post, we now have ELEVEN more reasons) reason to expect ELEVEN, ELEVEN, of 2015, to be the first day of the Tribulation, the Day of Sudden Destruction, the Day of the unleashing of the Great Sword, the 2nd Seal Judgment in Revelation 6, and the probable Day of the simultaneous Rapture.  The Signs for 11/11/15 are increasing, and even multiplying.  I will say it again, that our Lord is graciously laying out the precise timeline on a silver platter for ALL to see.  The 7-Year Tribulation ends on Day of Atonement, Oct. 5, 2022.  It will begin 7 Prophetic Years earlier, or 2520 days earlier, the EXACT length of the Tribulation.  That date is ELEVEN ELEVEN, of 2015, the date that EVERYTHING is pointing towards. 

In Revelation 3:3, JESUS WARNS us, with these words, "...REPENT.  If, therefore, you will not WATCH, I will come on you as a thief, and YOU WILL NOT KNOW WHAT HOUR I WILL COME UPON YOU."  Jesus is telling us that if we REPENT AND WATCH, WE CAN KNOW THE TIME!!!  Make sure that Jesus Christ is the Lord of your life.  Jesus is our ONLY Hope.  Jesus is our Blessed Hope.  Jesus Christ, or Antichrist?  Whom will you choose?  God is giving you a choice.  Choose wisely, as your days to choose are rapidly coming to a close.

Even so, come, Lord Jesus.


Ron Reese