Randy (22 Feb 2015)
"Blood Moons POINTING to Rosh Hashanah 2015 for the Rapture.....   ?"


This post could be a HUGE insight to all of us !!
The history of the BIG EVENT and the TIMING of the Past Blood Moon Tetrads (1948 and 1967)
 Is there some insight we can glean to the current Blood Moons?
In 1948, Israel declared herself a nation on May 15, 1948 and the Blood Moons ALL happened AFTER.....over 1 year after.
In 1967, Israel won back Jerusalem in the Six Day War in June, 1967. Only ONE Blood Moon happened before the war and 3 happened after.
We can see this all now.....LOOKING BACK, to see God's Hand in the "Signs in the Heavens" as He used the Blood Moons to show US--------TODAY-------- that they DO MEAN SOMETHING !!!! Mark Biltz only discovered this unique astronomical event in 2008..... just 7 years ago.......the year of the DOW drop of 777 !!
Question: Why.....is it that we have had 3 Blood Moons already happen with NO big event yet? It seems the Blood Moons normally come AFTER a big event for the Jews. So, why is that not the case this time?
 There are only 2 possible answers:
ONE - This Blood Moon Tetrad does NOT mean a thing. (Let's ignore this possibility)
TWO- THIS time, the BIG EVENT will happen on or near the FINAL Blood Moon.
 WHY......why is it different THIS time?
Answer: For those who are WATCHING......it gives them (US) MORE TIME to be watching....to be SURE what it IS that we are watching...to SHARE this with other people.... to be sure THOSE WHO WATCH WOULD KNOW !!!!!!
We are watching for "the appointed times" on God's Calendar....on God's Prophetic Calendar.
We KNOW---Christ's return should be in the fall...on Rosh Hashanah (KNOWING that Jesus fulfilled the spring feasts right on time with His first coming----we should be looking for His 2nd Coming for the Fall Feasts.)
WE KNOW.......ALL eyes are on THIS Rosh Hashanah ----2015-----September 13, 2015....for so many reasons !!!!!
THAT IS WHY.........the BIG Event happens at the END of the Blood Moons and not BEFORE the Blood Moons as they did before !!! THIS IS IT!! Tick Tock
BTW.......the expectation is that the Blood Moons signal a BIG event for the Jews. If so, what is it? The next BIG prophetic event for the Jews is:
1948 - They came home
1967 - They won back Jerusalem.....
NEXT? - They get the ability to build the 3rd Temple.
But.....BEFORE they can do that.....WHAT MUST HAPPEN? You would have to have the RAPTURE!! The Rapture would "clear the political hurdles" to see the Anti-Christ come on the scene, set the 7 Year False Peace Treaty with Israel AND allow the Temple to be built. BUT......the RAPTURE would HAVE to HAPPEN FIRST !
Thus.......could the Rapture be on September 13, 2015??? I have always believed the Rapture would be on Rosh Hashanah !1
Tic Toc ------------------------ The next 5-1/2 months could be:
1- Very exciting......(depending on news in the Middle East) or
2 - A LONG WAIT.......like waiting for Christmas when you were a kid. (UGH!!!)
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