Pastor Bob (26 Apr 2015)

All Doves:

I do not see any need here to defend my post "Pre-Tribulation Truth - 4" as to what Jovial has attempted to create by a sophist-style reason to cause doubt.  I will reiterate a few points that Jovial has papered over.  I wouldn't bother to add further comment if it were not for the fact that one of those Pre-Wrath Babble sites always exploits Jovial's attacks and re-posts his nit-picking hair-splitting posts about Pastor Bob on their site.  

First off, I noted that the root word was a noun on its two occasions in the New Testament, and secondly, I did differentiate the point it had a verb form as well.   I have used the correct cognate word for the verb form and I have correctly rendered the appropriate uses of it in the New Testament as to its spelling, grammatical form, use, and its proper identity as to gender, case, voice, mood, and tense as I was taught in seminary Greek.  That, likewise is confirmed in the reference sources I have noted below.  To infer the verb form of the word is somehow in error is itself misleading and that somehow it changes the meaning.  That's not the case at all.  The fact that seven different English Bibles (between 1300 and 1600 AD) before the 1611 Authorized KJV Bible, translated it as "departure", noted in my post "Pre-Tribulation Truth - 3" reflected some consistency in their understanding of the Greek Textus-Receptus over three-hundred years by rendering the word "apostasia" to mean "departure" is highy important.   I remind Yosef that the New Testament of KJV Bible, was translated from the Greek Textus-Receptus, of which more than 5,600 copies still exist today dating back to the first century AD.      

I have noted the expert that I considered as the authority on Greek interpretation on this issue is Dr. Kenneth Wuest at Moody Bible Institute as the arbitrator of this issue.  His work on this very issue is available to the student of the Word.  I wish to point out again that Spiros Zodihates, was NOT an American-born Christian.  As I first pointed out he was a native Greek citizen living in Cyprus and was, long before he came to American to work for "AIG Ministries", was himself an advocate of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture doctrine.  In his pastor's publication, 'Pulpit Helps', which ended with his death several years ago, his views on native Greeks not being Pre-Trib differ significantly from what Jovial states.  Spiros Zodihates would have disagreed with Jovial that somehow the Pre-Trib view is uniquely an American or western understanding or belief.  As I recollect, Yosef has made that claim before, once or twice, that is, the Pre-Trib teaching was an American or western idea.  The evidence does not support that perception at all.  Furthermore, as I posted last week in "Pre-Tribulation Truth - 5", the Pre-Trib belief concept, or understanding, or theme, has its roots deeply entrenched in the early Christian Church going back to the Patristic writings of the Early Church Fathers, firmly fixed in the period from 100-450 AD.

When I was writing my notes for the post in question, I took the liberty of accessing a nearby seminary library where I once was a graduate student to do some in depth additional research on this topic.  The resources that I consulted in my efforts on the word 'apostasy' and to be as accurate and precise as possible included the following :


While I am not a Greek expert as I noted in my article, my two years of academic Greek and two years of Hebrew have  enabled me to avoid stepping into cow chips, I am a competent and exhaustive researcher; and, perhaps I should have consulted an expert in Semitic Languages, one who is a Messianic Rabbi, sitting on the International Nazarene Beit Din and the Union of Nazarene Jewish Synagogues, but as I recall Greek has never been considered a Semitic Language. 

I would like to commend Jovial for his books, 'The 42 Journey Pattern of Our Spiritual Growth and Prophecy' and 'Creative Forces'.  As ironic as it might seem, I consider myself a fan of Jovial's writings, both his two books and a number of his many informative articles as well.  I purchased them years ago.  While not a devotee of esoteric Kabbalah by any means, I have found both the reading and learning from his esoteric works about the topic as being informative, and like as they say, when you get two Jews together you get three opinions.  This is not meant as an insult, but merely to remind all that we will have to wait for the Messiah to come and explain it all to us. 

For those untrained in textual criticism they needn't be unduly concerned about conflicting opinions of a few minority dissidents.  Such differences are usually worked out among the translating committee members of English Bibles.  Where serious differences do exist, they are usually ironed out and footnoted in translations to appease the minority view as well as to maintain majority consensus.

Baruch HaShem,

Pastor Bob