Nicole (26 Apr 2015)
"Human DNA Research - Warnings"

I just recently found pictures of the DNA strand and how the Hebrew Alphabet fits within the genome.   What I am finding out right now though is disturbing.   In the New Age, there is a spirit called Metatron which is the "angel in the whirlwind" of the end time to bring in the antichrist.   He is a "scribe angel" and tries to merge Christianity with Luciferianism.   There is even a section on godlikeproductions called Metatron's cube and this is showing up on websites like Abovetopsecret.   Metatron is Lucifer, so beware.  I believe it is to prepare people for a future DNA upgrade and tie it to the Ark of the Covenant with "Mary" pretending to be God in the tribulation on the Ark.   They are trying to use the Shekinah Glory of the Lord from the Ark of the Covenant and tie it to Shiva in Hinduism, who is also Lucifer.   Remember, he wants to take control of the DNA strands and change them because he hates the fact our DNA is encoded with Hebrew.   He is trying to ERASE THE LORD.   And so our cells, the glue that holds them together is called Laminin and it is in the shape of the cross.  

We all know that the universe and the New Jerusalem is a cube.   And the devil wants to steal this cube by the Cube in Mecca in Islam.   This cube is part of this new age deception of Metatron.   Please be aware of some of these pictures as you are researching DNA.    This same Metatron is Mary, Marilyn Monroe, and the archangel Michael, Baal or the god of 1,000 faces who has changed forms over the years but is still Lucifer.  

When you are researching 9-11 and how the Twin Towers were taken down to take down the old DNA of man make sure you glorify the Lord by showing how DNA is encoded with Hebrew.   And how each one of our cells has sound of the Hebrew language encoded in them.   

If you want to know what Jesus really is like, watch this video and go to the 22 minute mark.