Nicole (26 Apr 2015)
"Paul the Apostle is being Put in the Closet for a REASON"

Watching Jesse Duplantis, Close Encounters of the God Kind he met Paul the Apostle.   And on the 12 Foundation Stones in the New Jerusalem is Paul's, not Matthias or Judas.   So I have been looking for artwork with the 12 disciples that includes Paul the Apostle.   And guess what, there is not any!

People tell me and have even yelled at me that Paul is not an original Apostle.  They keep their pictures of the Last Supper and their paintings.   And what they do not understand is that Judas killed himself and went to hell.   And the 11 disciples casted lots for Matthias, but he was not chosen by Jesus.   Paul the Apostle was the replacement for Judas and he was chosen by Jesus on the road to Damascus.   Paul was not accepted at first until he was able to prove it to the rest of the disciples.   He went around with Peter performing miracles and they even mentioned he knew Jesus better than they did.  

What people are not understanding is that Paul the Apostle IS THE MOSES of the New Testament.   Look at how Moses escaped death as a baby by going in a basket down the Nile.   And look how Paul the Apostle escaped death in Damascus by going in a basket down the wall.   Think about how significant this is.   WHAT DOES THE DEVIL PERVERT AT EASTER?   He wants people to put EGGS, bunnies, etc. in their baskets that are a symbol of sexuality.    Why aren't we using these baskets to show how we escape destruction by the blood of Jesus?  

The river (Moses) represents our DNA being cleansed by the water of the Holy Spirit, or the water pouring from the throne of God that when we die we are incorruptible forever and our DNA is perfected through Jesus.   And the wall (Paul the Apostle) represents the barrier wall that is keeping Jews from accepting their Messiah, or also a representation of the Wailing Wall.

Keeping Judas as an apostle is hindering the church and negating the messages of the one new man, the book of Acts and performing miracles.   If you watch Lady Gaga, and her video of Judas, can you now understand why the Catholic Church, the false prophet and the devil wants to keep Judas in the picture?   Because it GLORIFIES THE DEVIL!    It is a mockery and even though Judas was one of the original disciples, going forward as the church, Judas works are now dead and the church is dying through false teachings.   When we allow Paul the Apostle to move into his rightful place, it destroys the teachings that Peter the Roman will be here to be the final pope and create a one world religion that will reign on the Earth 1000 years (ever hear of Hitlers supposed 1000 year reign?).

When Jesse Duplantis went to Heaven, he was confronted by Paul the Apostle who asked him if he was preaching his gospel.   And Jesus told Jesse he was coming back soon.   So why do you think Paul would tell Jesse Duplantis this if it was not imperative we get a hold of the One New Man of Jew and Gentile to COMBAT the anti-one new man of Islam and Catholicism in order to gain wisdom, strength, etc. for the last days?

If you do not believe me about the anti-one new man you can research Hitler how his beliefs were Catholic, how he met and merged Islam.   After that he merged Nordic religions and many of his staff went to the Himilayas and Buddhist temples to gain supernatural power.   When they did this it created a tremendous occult power vacuum that neither Jews or Christians were ready for.   They ended up in the concentration camps.   Not too long ago the Archbishop of Canterbury in England made some sort of statement that Islam is here to stay and get used to it.  And Pope Francis is making a visit to meet Obama at the last blood moon with a stop in PHILADELPHIA (hello church of Philadelphia who is raptured.)

Someone told me that the 12 foundations with the names of the original apostles are in the book of Revelation and that they were not changing their painting to exclude Judas because it was not biblical and Paul was not an apostle.   I opened up the Bible to Revelation and said the names of the apostles are not tied to the stones in that part of the Bible.   And that they were basing their painting on the Last Supper.   And didn't they know that the Eucharist and Sacrament were part of the Catholic religion and how Judas plays a major role in that?   And how St. Francis of Assisi, even though that man was born again, that Pope Francis based his name on him?   And how in the occult realm that the sacrament has a LITERAL meaning.   So I am saying that you can tell which way people are going to go in their belief system with their "train" of thought because if they are blessing the pope, if they do not think anything of excluding Paul the Apostle and keeping Judas, then most likely they are going to be left behind to see this Peter the Roman.

I am scared for the people!  We need a Revival!