Mike Plunkett (26 Apr 2015)
"A short note to all DOVES..........."

Friends of Christ,
     You know my name and the site called bible code detective. As you may NOT know, it has only been on the web for about 6 months. God has taught and shown me A LOT in a VERY, VERY, short amount of time!
     In order to understand the communication between our Lord and myself, and to see the SUPERNATURAL REVEALING of our Lord to us in these codes, realize that the codes are in order on the site in which they were revealed to me and then posted. Al Sharpton was the first and they go in order from there. If you go through the site in this way, you will see how God inspired and guided me in this revealing of these end times! It is truly and totally amazing to me. I am SOOOO humbled!
     I know this all seems too much like a ferry tale, how can this be happening, all so fast? You don't have to convince me, I have been going through the fire, of refining, in a BIG way. Going crazy has been the number one question in my own mind about myself! But, I am not crazy, My mother had me tested...Emoji!
     Seriously, Big Bang Theory aside, We have ALL been put here in this very time of history! ALL of us are here for a REASON! It is time for each and every human on the planet to decide if their reason is for GOOD or for EVIL!
     Go and help a friend or a neighbor. Take a meal to someone who is hungry. Feed a bird or a homeless animal! Just do SOMETHING good that our Lord will be happy with you. We are ALL sinners and trying to understand ourselves. Let's take a break from taking to ourselves, and give of ourselves to someone else. The most precious of gifts is the word of God. Tell someone you love, today, that Jesus is real and loves them. Pray for and with them to except Jesus into their life. Thank you for reading this letter, and God Bless each and every one of you, in Jesus Christ name..........
Your Brother in Christ, Michael