Lynnette (26 Apr 2015)
"Watch LIVE  Dr. Owuor"

Dear John & Doves,
 This is an April 19,2015 video by Dr Owuor to affirm that the God of Israel is  to visit the land of Brazil.
Also it is a message for Kenya to preserve the gains in the Revival they have received.  Also there is
Biblical reference , we are in the final days as we prepare for the Coming of our LORD & King.  until we see the Glorious Coming of the Messiah....deliverance draws nearer.
on Dr. Owuor's website
there is a row of white  small numbered tabs with details of these current events in Brazil .Click on
them to receive news highlight of the meetings. Dr Owuor met Pastors in Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  April 22-23.
Dr Owuor has arrived in Campo Grande , Brazil for
Brazil Mighty Healing Services  on April 25- 26, 2015. held from 6PM onwards there . It is time zone : Amazon Time
Alert banner  on  says Watch LIVE from 6PM onwards
Saturday April 25,2015  and Sunday April 26, 2015
It is the same time in  Eastern time zone USA. Blessings,Lynnette