Laura T (26 Apr 2015)

Dear Randy -
    Thank you for your book, The Last Piece of the Puzzle,  and for letting us download it at no expense.  You have done a wonderful job of “bringing it all together!”
    Your story could almost be my story.  Forty-five years ago God moved us around the corner from Hal Lindsey and "dropped" me into his Bible study!  He had just finished The Late Great Planet Earth.  He became a good friend of our family, and we even went with him on his first tour to Israel in 1973. 
    The rest is history.  Same teachers, etc.  Every time you posted on Five Doves, you confirmed just what God was showing me.  What an encouragement!  And I have needed it because I seem to be the only one in my family or among my friends around here  “on fire” for Bible Prophecy and looking diligently for the rapture!
         Like you, I have had a wonderful life - husband for 50 years, two precious children now in their 40’s, and 4 precious grandchildren, as well as financial security.  All are saved, praise the Lord.  So I can’t blame circumstances for my spiritual hunger. I had been a Bible teacher for one of the larger non- denominational studies for a number of years - and now that I am older, teaching a smaller one.  We are at this point studying “Four Blood Moons.”   And I am using the information in your book as a help.  In fact, I just designed a Crash Course in Bible Prophecy and had a pilot class for 3 catholics and one non-believer.  They were more interested than most Christians that I know!
    So thank you again - and may God bless you immensely!
Laura T.
Arkansas born
Texas raised
Converted in Southern California
Now prophetically lonely in Silicon Valley