Joe Chappell (26 Apr 2015)
"Fay, No more Time...Harvey.....Isaiah 17:14"

Dear Fay, Harvey Troyer, Doves

Something really unusual happened today.  I have been rather busy this week, and it has taken me until today, Saturday 18,2015 to read all the Letters. I didn't read Fay's letter regarding Revelation 10:6   or  watch the Anita Fuentes video until this morning. By the way, I love Anita Fuentes, and have been watching her videos for a couple of years. Wow !  All week, I have been deep in Revelations, and especially the verse 10:6 " there should be time no longer " KJV .  I pondered that verse over and over, especially earlier this morning during my usual early ( I do mean early ) bible study/prayer time.  Then I read your letter Fay.

 Blown away !! It has got to be a special revelation from the Holy Spirit.
I agree with you and Anita Fuentes , understanding and pinpoint direction is being poured out !!! 

Then I got busy with some chores, spent the afternoon working on a friends boat, and finally made it back to my easy chair and returned to the Doves Letters. about 5pm  As  I often do, I was studying my bible, and listening for the Spirits leading simultaneously and reading the Letters. 

So I read Harvey Troyers letter

What jumped out to me was the reference to Isaiah 17:14

Again early this morning, I was led to read Ezekiel 37,38 and  39, followed by Isaiah 17.  ESPECIALLY verse 14. 

I have long felt that Isaiah 17 fits somewhere in the midst of Ezekiel 38 and 39.  In short, when the armies of Gog/Magog are destroyed, Damascus/Syria will be dealt with at the same time.  Rush and Rushing is used 5 times in two verses. I have long felt that God is saying here....... Russia !!! hint hint. ( get it ? )  I have found historical evidence that Russia was named after the sound of the Viking ships that were rowed on the rivers, a thousand years ago.  The oars made the sound rush,.... rush,..... rush. 

The familiar passage from Ezekiel..... " I will put a hook in their jaw", I believe corresponds to Is. 17:14

Doves.......the lights are is "Game On" from here on out !!!!!  No more time Rev 10:6....joechappell

It just seems remarkable to me that after pondering two rather obscure portions of scripture, Rev 10:6 and  Isaiah 17:14, that just a few hours later, I would read  two Doves letters , talking about the same things.