JMS (26 Apr 2015)
"Are we Close to: Could it happen Now ?"

This is only a part of my dream/vision, (someone have interrupted, and deleted a part of it, years back)
In my dream/vision I saw Schoemaker-Levy hit/break, and fall on jupiter in 21 peaces. and a lot of other things happen, who probably was war out in the space.

PS: asking the lord when the christian end time is, the answer given me was: you have known the time from your birth, - ( im born nov.10.1938 or 1938.11.1o

yesterday looking in some old papers, I found a part of my dream/vision, it follow under here
> In the end of sept. month 1998 I have this strange dream/vision: I was floating out in space high
over our beautiful blue Earth, and I could see the stars and planets all over, under and around me,
and a lot of what happen out in space.

We were three people floating close to each other, all dressed in long white robes, and young to look at. Suddenly I saw a calendar behind one of the other, and when I looked at it, the person she asked me, do you see, I answered yes: but I dont understand,- I saw April month (the fool's month) and 1999 on the calendar.

Then I heard a voice say to me: Because of what happen in the end of March month, their plan for April month have changed to the start, (beginning,first) of July month !

Then we all three looked down on Earth, and saw that on the left from our wiev, it was daytime, and from a country came fireworks, there were a celebration of a kind. But then we saw from the dark nighttime site rockets and missiles were send direct to the daytime country where they hit with great explosions in a flash-second all changes, missiles and rockets goes to and fro around the planet Earth, also out in space around us, where they explodes in a great inferno of explosions, fire and evil dangerous coloursmoke, it was like there were war out in space to.

we floated close to each other, and with a deep sigh saying: oh finally its over,- then i waked up with this words: Because of something happen in the end of March, their plan for April month have been changed to the first of July !!! <

Ps: later when I was praying over my dream/vision, thinking it all over, this words came to me: It all happen because of Lies and Betrayal, - someone run from, or break a deal, - a signed and sealed document, plan, agreement !!!

my second dream was very short, and it waked me up early morning of July 16th 2oo6, and follow here.

> 1.2.3. Final Count Down. o7.o8.o9. 11 month,11 days 11 hours from now ! <

May our Great God clean and protect all of us in and under the blood of the Chosen Lamb of His, our Lord and Love Jesus Christ !
All Glory for Ever to our Great Almighty God, to our Redeemer and Saviour, Lord and King, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit our Great teacher and protector - Amen - jms.