Jean Stepnoski (26 Apr 2015)
"Additions to Post"


   The dates of 5-2 to 3 will be Saturday to Sunday, not Friday to Saturday. My mistake. Yet, 5-2 will have a global combination of Shabbat at Iyar 13 for some and Second Passover for others as Iyar 14 begins. Example. As Israel goes to the midnight hour of Second Passover, much of the world will be in Shabbat. On the 24 hour grid will be the overlap of Iyar 13 and 14, Shabbat and the Second Passover. Globally, the triple motif still applies. Worldwide, Second Passover evenings beginning at sundown times 24 time zones on the 24 hour grid will all have concluded by the sundown for Israel on Monday 5-4, as Iyar 16 begins for her.
   Messiah/Christ was the first fruits of those who sleep in death. He was symbolic of the first fruits of the barley harvest, not the later wheat harvest at Pentecost (Shavuot). When would the barley harvest conclude? The date of the Feast of First Fruits at Nisan 16 or 17 would begin the harvest of the mature and ripe barley. There is still the body of the rest of the barley harvest to be gathered. The head and then the body, the remaining barley, is the proper order. Conclusion? A good case can be made for the Second Passover, one month already into barley harvest, at Iyar 13 to 14. When the world finishes Iyar 14, Israel is up to 24 hours ahead of 24 time zones. Israel goes to Iyar 16 nearing her midnight hour. When did the manna begin to appear, the mysterious bread from Heaven in the wilderness? It began to come down around Iyar 16 or 17. We shall see...
With Love and Shalom,