Jean Stepnoski (26 Apr 2015)
"Second Passover: The Double Feast Of the Lord is a Triple Feast on 5-2-2015 "


   In the Book of Leviticus is a listing of the 7 Feasts of the Lord. What sets the first 2 apart from the remaining 5? They are multiples. The first is the weekly Shabbat, the Sabbath of Day 7. This occurs about 50 times annually. The second is First Passover. Yes, there is a multiple again, with the Second Passover. It is the Second Chance Passover, one month after Nisan 14 at Iyar 14. The MULTIPLES of Feasts 1 and 2, underscore their significance.
   Provision was made in the times of Moses and Aaron for the defiled to still have a second opportunity for Passover, not to be cut off from others in the House of Israel. This is one month after Nisan 14 at Iyar 14. Scripturally, these are 2 nights for remaining alert and watchful until the Midnight Hour. The website bible notes that "Less than 13% of the time in the last century, Passover has fallen on the weekly Sabbath." Substitute the Second Passover for the same percentage? The closest number to multiply times 13% to get to 100% is 7.7% to get 100.1%. The number of completion in The Scriptures is 7!
   There is another variable in 2015. The evening beginning Iyar 14 at sunset will be 5-2, which begins the weekly Shabbat at sundown. It will be a TRIPLE FEAST OF THE LORD! The experiences and themes at First Passover are totally fulfilled with the Second Passover each year. Adding the 2 Passovers to the Shabbat creates the triple. This reminds us of the concept of the Trinity: Abba Father, the Son, the Spirit. Here will be some themes of this evening of statistically rare convergence: The Creator, The Creation, The Day of Rest, Freedom, The Exodus, and Messiah/Christ: The Passover Lamb Redemption. It is a triple, just after the 3rd (triple) of the 4 Blood Moon Tetrads from First Passover (Actually Day 1 of Unleavened Bread) to Second Passover. Blood Moon 3 was at Nisan 15, not Nisan 14. Still the Passover Season, the barley harvest.
   Messiah/Christ promises to come for His own "at a time you think not." The redeemed, not the wicked, are promised to enter His Rest. The weekly Shabbat is a shadow picture of things to come. Remember Christ's words? "I am master of the Sabbath." Come 5-2 evening, is a night to be alert, watchful, reflective, and overflowing with thanksgiving and praise! How often is Second Passover on a Shabbat? Rarely. This rare Triple Feast of the Lord is just after the number 3 ( triple) Blood Red Moon ( during the Passover Season from First Passover to Second Passover)! We shall see...
With Love and Shalom,